Wife Catches Cheating Boyfriend With Help From Online Clothing Store

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(via TikTok / @ itsmollylux)

An online clothing store helped a woman catch her cheating boyfriend.

TikTok user @itsmollylux took to the platform to share a story hour, which was originally shared with Reddit.

Concerned that she had not received any clothing as a gift, the woman in question became suspicious that her partner was buying for another woman.

The TikTok user revealed that the post read “It’s a little weird but could I ask you a question? A few months ago, I accidentally saw an email notification from your store on the my boyfriend’s email. He never gave me any clothes. He acted weird so I was wondering if you could check where the clothes were sent? Sorry to bother you. “

The owner of the business revealed that she could not disclose an address, but confirmed that the name given was that of another woman. The anxious girlfriend then revealed that the name was her best friend’s name, which prompted her to assume he was cheating on her with her boyfriend.

Take a look below but, before continuing, it’s important to note that this story is not a personal account of user @itsmollylux, but rather a re-sharing of a viral story.


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The video, which has over a million likes, sparked much debate in the comments.

First, some people felt the store shouldn’t have released the woman’s name in the first place, due to date protection. (Again, this story was taken from Reddit and may be fictional. The story above does not actually involve the company above.)

Another viewer was quick to defend the TikTok user, writing “People in the comments yelling at OP thinking that’s his story, as he literally tells the Reddit story around the corner.”

Others wondered if the boyfriend was actually cheating, suggesting that maybe he was up to a surprise and sent the clothes to his girlfriend’s best friend to keep them out of sight. They comment “Twist he sent her so he could keep a surprise …”

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