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August 2022|UAE News

The concept of late payment is not new. We all have credit cards, which are de facto “buy now, pay later” tools. Unfortunately, credit cards have remained unchanged for the past 30 years, even though consumers have developed an aversion to them following the financial crisis and the horror stories of outlandish interest rates.

Less stringent credit checks: Rigorous credit checks on traditional means of credit such as credit cards have spurred the rapid adoption of BNPL as it is not as stringent with risk checks as traditional banks and credit card companies. Relying less on the CIBIL score makes it easy for clients to obtain an additional line of credit in the form of BNPL, which is one of the main advantages for them.

Direct impact of e-commerce on BNPL: E-commerce had been on the rise anyway, but COVID-19 propelled the industry forward by a huge margin. This has had a direct impact on the BNPL industry, as an increase in the e-commerce industry has led consumers to use BNPL services more.

Inflow of external investments: BNPL players in the UAE have only just entered the market and received millions of dollars in funding. Australian BNPL giant ZIP recently acquired Spotii in a multi-million dollar deal. This is part of ZIP’s efforts to enter the MENA region as far as the BNPL landscape is concerned.

Impact of COVID-19: Post COVID, technology, inclusivity and digitization by fintech players have been clearly observed, giving a massive boost to the industry in this regard. Lifestyle changes, fueled by government intervention and consumer expectations, have significantly boosted the BNPL industry in the region. Cashless digital transactions have become the new normal in the post-pandemic world.

The publication titled UAE Buy Now Pay Later Industry Outlook to 2027: Driven by the adoption of a cashless society, the increase in the population of Genz and millennials, coupled with a growing preference for additional sources of credit lines with no easy interestprovides a comprehensive analysis of the Buy Now Pay Later industry in the UAE. The report covers various aspects including BNPL industry market size based on revenue, number of transactions and average order value, market overview, key features and development in Buy market Now Pay Later in UAE, how a Buy Now Pay Later transaction occurs, ecosystem of BNPL industry entities in UAE, growth drivers, restraints and challenges, major trends and developments, global BNPL industry overview, presence Global BNPL Players, Global Credit Card Disruptors, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis in UAE Market Buy Now Pay Later, Issues and Challenges in UAE Market Buy Now Pay Later later, SWOT Analysis, Role of Government and Regulations in the UAE Buy Now Pay Later Industry and Impact of COVID-19. Overview of BNPL industry competitive landscape, company profile of major BNPL players operating in the ecosystem based on operational and financial metrics, corporate overview, business strategy, marketing strategy, recent developments, key partnerships , key fitness partners, product portfolio, key collaboration, cost structure and challenges are also discussed in the report. The report also covers demand-side analysis on the basis of consumer adoption rationale towards Buy Now Pay Later services, BNPL player cross-comparison on key decision-making parameters for preference of brand, consumer personality analysis. Another report also focuses on segmenting the UAE Buy Now Pay Later market by payment method (online or offline), by type of end-user (online retail, consumer electronics, food aggregators and travel aggregators), by geography (Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi), by consumer age group (15-30, 30-40, 40-50, over 50). The UAE BNPL market report ends with projections for the future of the industry, including the expected size of the industry by revenue by 2027, and analysts’ view on the future putting highlight key opportunities.

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Key Segments Covered in UAE Buy Now Pay Later

United Arab Emirates Buy Now Pay Later

  • By payment method
  • On line
  • Offline
  • By type of end user
  • Online Retail,
  • consumer electronics,
  • Food aggregators
  • Travel aggregators
  • By geography
  • dubai,
  • Sharjah
  • Abu Dhabi
  • By consumer age group,
  • 15-30 years old
  • 30-40 years old
  • 40-50 years old
  • Over 50 years
  • Rationale for Consumer Adoption to Buy Now Pay Later Services
  • Cross-comparison of BNPL players on the main brand preference decision parameters
  • Consumer personality analysis

Period entered in the report:

  • Historical period: 2019-2022
  • Forecast period: 2023-2027E

Buy now, pay later

UAE Buy Now Pay Later Industry Players/Ecosystem

  • BNPL players (supply side)
  • Tiger
  • Tamara
  • spotii
  • Aramex
  • After-payment
  • To go up
  • Cashew
  • Post-payment
  • Souqalmal
  • Lifestyle merchants (demand side)
  • Amazon
  • The body store
  • Adidas
  • Actane
  • Swarovski Ebrahim Store
  • Babytonia
  • Food vendors (demand side)
  • Healthy life
  • golden stamp
  • Karam Alnakhil
  • mawared
  • Payment system operators
  • SamsungPay simplified
  • Pay Apple
  • VISA
  • Pay it
  • MasterCard
  • gpay
  • Regulators and Facilitators
  • Dubai Financial Authority Services
  • Financial Services Regulatory Authority

Main topics covered in the report

  • BNPL Global Industry Overview
  • Installment payment service by BNPL credit card
  • Presence of BNPL players around the world
  • Credit card disruptors around the world
  • Key features and development in the UAE market Buy now, pay later
  • How a Buy Now Pay Later Transaction Works
  • Key UAE Industry Trends Buy Now Pay Later
  • Ecosystem of Major Entities in the Industry Buy Now Pay Later in UAE
  • UAE Market Growth Drivers Buy Now Pay Later
  • Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of the UAE Market Buy Now Pay Later
  • Trends and Developments in the UAE Market Buy Now, Pay Later
  • Issues and Challenges in the UAE Market Buy Now Pay Later
  • SWOT Analysis of UAE Market Buy Now Pay Later
  • Role of Government and Regulation in UAE Industry Buy Now Pay Later
  • Impact of COVID-19
  • Rationale for Consumer Adoption to Buy Now Pay Later Services
  • Cross-comparison of BNPL players on key decision-making metrics for brand preference
  • Consumer personality analysis
  • Analysis of the investments of the main players in the BNPL space from 2016 to 2021
  • UAE BNPL Market Sizing based on number of trades, revenue and average order value.
  • UAE BNPL Market Segmentation (By Payment Method, By End-User Type, By Geography, And By Age Group).
  • Company profile of key BNPL players operating in the ecosystem (Operational and financial metrics, Company overview, Business strategy, Marketing strategy, Recent developments, Key partnerships, Key fitness partners, Product portfolio, Key collaboration, Structure costs and challenges).
  • Analyst Recommendations
  • The industry speaks

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