NEW YORK, January 4, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Tornante Company of Michael D. Eisner and Madison Dearborn Partners (MDP) announced today that after finalizing the sale of Topps, Inc.’s Sports and Entertainment division to Fanatics, the confectionery and cards divisions -gifts from the company are now called The Bazooka Companies, Inc.

The company will continue, with Michael brandstaedter as CEO, to sell candy under the Bazooka Candy Brands brand in a division headed by Tony jacobs and gift cards in a division led by Jeff mickeal.

“We are delighted to move forward with our strong tailoring and gift card business, to continue to partner with Madison Dearborn, who has been an incredible long-term partner, and our outstanding corporate leadership. and division, ”Eisner said.

Discussing the Sports and Entertainment division which will now be owned by Fanatics as Topps, Eisner said: “The strong emotional connection between Topps collectibles and consumers of all ages – built through 70 years of tradition, to start making it a gem of the Fanatics portfolio, ”said Michael eisner, owner of the company Tornante. “Michel rubin is the perfect entrepreneur to take this business forward. Like any Jewel in the Crown, my Madison Dearborn partners and I will miss our many years of ownership where we have built a very profitable business through strategic licensing partnerships, global expansion and digital transformation. We are proud of what the Topps team has accomplished, and we look forward to seeing what Michael and his team will do to continue growing the Topps collectable business while staying true to its iconic history and relevance to collectors. consumers. “

“Over the past decade it has been a pleasure not only to further develop existing businesses, but also to create new lines of business in the portfolio,” said Brandstaedter. “We have been fortunate to work with a great group of licensors and a great community of manufacturers, distributors, retailers and collectors, who have all been valued partners. I wish the talented Sports & Entertainment team every success, and I’m delighted to continue working with the extraordinary group of professionals to take the dynamic confectionery and gift card business to new heights. “

Executive chairman Andy redman said, “We are very excited about the continuous innovations coming from the company. The two divisions generated more than $ 250 million in revenue in 2021 – so we are very well positioned for the future. Under Tony’s leadership, our candy division has a growing e-commerce business, an exciting list of new products, and strong consumer demand. Under Jeff’s leadership, our gift card business represents almost all of the major digital brands, and our services are increasingly able to meet all of our partners’ needs. “

In addition to the continued ownership of The Bazooka Companies, Tornante will have the rights to produce movies and TV shows from certain Topps properties such as MechWarrior / BattleTech and Garbage Pail Kids.

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