This album found in a thrift store is like a Hollywood time capsule

Lots of random things are donated to thrift stores, but in February 2020 Belgian thrift store Opnieuw & Co was determined to solve the mystery of a photo album that caught their attention. Although they probably dumped the stray photos and put the albums on their shelves for resale, this album was unlike anything anyone had ever seen. Inside the large rose-covered album was photograph after photograph of a mysterious woman posing with prominent Hollywood celebrities like Antonia Banderas, Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Bruce Willis, and more, in the 90s. Employees thought the album must have been donated in error and took it to Facebook to try to find out who the woman was. “We are looking for the owner of this photo book… It has a lot of pictures of a lady with all the Hollywood stars. We believe this may have been shared by accident so are looking for the owner of this book, ”they wrote on their page. They later found out that the woman was Maria Snoeys-Lagler and were able to return the album to his heir. After some research, people learned that Snoeys-Lageler was a former member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The reporter died at the age of 87 in 2016 and according to the Post, her daughter in California received the album. Take a look at the photos below and remember the Hollywood of the 90s.

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