The Best Ecommerce Marketing Courses and Training Programs

The editors of Solutions Review have compiled a list highlighting some of the best e-commerce marketing courses and training programs to help marketers of all experience levels improve their industry-specific skills.

SR finds 106With the right marketing solution, e-commerce and retail businesses of all sizes can improve the way they manage customers, respond to queries, build brand loyalty, encourage repeat customers, drive marketing campaigns and maximize customer satisfaction. However, creating an e-commerce marketing strategy requires more than technology. If a business wants to succeed, it needs a marketing team with industry-specific expertise and skills that can respond to trends and implement e-commerce marketing best practices into its strategies.

With that in mind, our editors have compiled a list of the best e-commerce marketing training courses and programs on various online learning platforms. These courses will help new, aspiring, and active marketers learn about e-commerce marketing and maintain their industry expertise. For ease of access, we have included these courses in alphabetical order.

The Best Online Marketing Courses

The Best Ecommerce Marketing Courses and Training Programs

Course title: E-Commerce & Marketing Course: Agency, Marketer, Affiliate

OUR OPINION : This comprehensive and best-selling training course includes nearly fifty hours of information, tips and strategies to help freelancers, business owners, agencies and affiliate partners get started with marketing and selling products. .

The description: Marketers who enroll in this course will have access to nearly fifty hours of unique e-commerce marketing video training material that will help them learn how to grow their business, locate target customers, deliver products high quality and sell these products online with customized products. sales funnels. The program covers social media advertising strategies, email marketing, web traffic analysis, website development, online store management, and sales funnel development.


Course title: Facebook Ads for Ecommerce: The Ultimate MasterClass

OUR OPINION : Learn how to use Facebook’s advertising tools in this nearly five-hour course, which covers all the tools you need to boost your e-commerce business.

The description: Marketers looking to market their e-commerce business on Facebook would do well to enroll in this training. Students can expect to learn how to create text, videos, photos, and campaigns for their ads with the Facebook Ads dashboard. The course includes nearly five hours of video lecture material, whiteboard presentations, animations, and other tools to help marketers develop their Facebook advertising and retargeting skills.


Course title: MailChimp Email Marketing Masterclass for Ecommerce

OUR OPINION : Designed to help MailChimp users improve their e-commerce email marketing skills, this four-hour training course covers MailChimp’s marketing automation and email marketing toolsets.

The description: This training course will provide step-by-step instructions on using the MailChimp platform to drive traffic, leads, and sales to their e-commerce site. Marketers taking the course will learn how to design effective e-commerce emails, grow their email list with custom opt-ins, automate their email outreach efforts, grow subscribers and integrate their e-commerce store with the email marketing platform. The course is aimed at drop shippers, marketers, brick-and-mortar store owners, and e-commerce entrepreneurs.


Course title: Sell ​​More: Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads for Ecommerce 2022

OUR OPINION : This popular course has been taken by over 90,000 students and is developed to help e-commerce businesses and entrepreneurs learn how to market their brands with the advertising capabilities of Facebook and Instagram.

The description: Learn how to become an advertising professional on Facebook and Instagram thanks to this training of nearly thirteen hours. Entrepreneurs who enroll in copywriting, domain verification, Facebook Business Manager, customer journey development, advertising metrics, dynamic ads, ROI calculations, sales campaigns, custom audiences, etc. In addition to the over twelve hours of video course material, the program also includes thirty-two resources to help students continue their learning.


Course title: Ultimate Entrepreneurs Guide to Building an Ecommerce Brand

OUR OPINION : If you’re looking for a compact guide to building your e-commerce business brand, this intermediate-level course can help equip you with the information you need to get started.

The description: With approximately ninety minutes of video lecture content, this course can give entrepreneurs and marketers a short but enjoyable introduction to the business concepts and e-commerce strategies needed to build a brand. Topics covered include developing a value proposition, branding best practices, customer service experiences, pricing strategies, customer journey maps, supply chain management, and on-line marketing strategies. social networks and other advertising platforms.


Course title: The Ultimate 2022 Ecommerce and Marketing Masterclass

OUR OPINION : Give your eCommerce website and marketing strategies an extra boost with the information, tools, and tips covered in this quick training course.

The description: Learn how to optimize product pages, service pages, checkout processes, pricing strategies, and shopping experiences with this ninety-minute program. Students will learn how to use sales psychology to manage price changes, identify roadblocks in the customer’s checkout experience, use gamification techniques in the purchase journey, retain customers with great service, and increase sales. conversion rate with “outside the box” tips and tricks. Along with the video material, the course also includes a collection of articles and resources to help learners continue to hone their skills.


Course title: WordPress E-commerce: Build 4 dropshipping websites and stores

OUR OPINION : This bestselling training will help beginner e-commerce entrepreneurs learn how to use WooCommerce, create products in their online store, set shipping options, manage drop shipping, and more.

The description: This in-depth program features nearly thirteen hours of video lecture material designed to help business owners and individual entrepreneurs learn how to start an e-commerce store. The course is divided into four sections covering a specific area of ​​developing and managing an e-commerce store. Students will learn how to set up payment gateways, manage coupons, configure shipping options, import products from AliExpress, apply basic SEO strategies for product pages, manage orders, to make refunds, etc.


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