SP builds the strongest cooperation platform in the global e-commerce industry

The annual e-commerce transaction volume of billions of dollars makes the global import and export trade market a huge business empire. Among the five mobile applications for global users, online shopping platforms are the most profitable. In 2021, the global e-commerce transaction volume will reach 1.25 trillion US dollars and is expected to exceed 150 billion US dollars by 2023. E-commerce has become a trend in the global export trade market. The global trade chain is being restructured and the demand is huge. He was born in the context of the times.

SP was established on December 15, 2017 and is headquartered in Wilton Street, USA. It is a leading international cooperation company in the field of e-commerce. The founder, Joyce Byron, is an entrepreneur with a strong sense of social mission and responsibility. Under the leadership, SP was jointly supported by American business organizations. SP’s goal is to build the strongest cooperation platform in the global e-commerce industry, lead the industry’s technological progress and innovation, and open the last prosperous chapter of the e-commerce industry.

As a global provider of cross-border e-commerce channels, SP is committed to providing low-cost global trade sourcing and sales solutions to manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and advertisers. The popularity of e-commerce platforms has won the cooperation of e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Alibaba, ebay, Lazada, shopee, etc. Alibaba has the closest cooperation. SP actively helps e-commerce platform merchants around the world to increase user traffic and product sales exposure rate, enabling more merchants to reach more consumers.

In order to explode e-commerce products, all major e-commerce sellers must continually increase traffic. The main competitiveness of SP is to use intelligent optimization algorithm to obtain big data, quickly understand how to provide the most relevant products for each customer, and accurately match the data, so that consumers can enjoy convenient purchases on the mobile terminal and users will use their own Provided traffic realizes the commission. With the SP platform, users can quickly convert order traffic into commission by completing simple tasks every day. When merchants launch products or new products with relatively low sales on the platform, part-time users help merchants increase product sales, increase popularity, and earn part-time commissions. In this chain of benign transactions, merchants improve their ranking and sales, and users don’t need to open a store, don’t need to operate, stay at home, just rely on a mobile phone, you can earn lucrative commissions by easily completing tasks and parts -time, the SP platform extracts commissions from big data orders to add value to the business, and the three parties truly realize mutual benefits and win-win results.

SP has a number of professional technicians and experienced global regional managers, and its influence is all over the world. Most of SP’s senior executives have lived in Latin America for decades and have very deep knowledge of the market. Through the recruitment and training of local talent, and achieved a level of locally benign talent training. SP has great confidence in cross-border e-commerce in Latin America. Senior management will formulate localization plans based on the characteristics of each market to meet the needs of local consumers and continue to increase strategic investment in cross-border resources. Become an engine for SP to achieve rapid growth and strong support for the platform’s core competitiveness.

SP’s future strategy includes links to promote online media, such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Smart TV media. Founder Joyce Byron said: he is full of confidence in the SP intelligent matching system, and he believes that in the future, with the efforts of all SP members, he will create a new miracle of cross-border e-commerce will drive more of traders around the world to reach new heights. More merchants are welcome to settle down and jointly build a benchmark international e-commerce platform to provide more merchants and countless people in need. Job opportunities are a very significant thing.

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