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Here is Soukchic, a solution for women tired of browsing countless websites looking for new products. Soukchic is the first of its kind in the UAE. This is an online marketplace dedicated to empowering women and providing women with the products they need.

Published: Tue 22 Feb 2022, 09:17

With the goal of giving women everything they need to start and run a successful business, Soukchic is a brand new e-commerce platform.

Brilliantly, buyers and sellers can access international and local brands. That’s right; online shopping just leveled up.

Eventually, Soukchic will innovate by bringing together the worlds of business management and cyber-shopping. The platform journey will begin on 02/22/22.

Being the largest women’s online marketplace in the UAE, Soukchic was established”for women, by women.”

Since the eruption of the global pandemic, the use of online shopping has exploded. Digital stores became a crucial part of our “new normal” as we realized they could save us time and money.

For businessmen and fashion trendsetters, the online shopping industry presents vast sales opportunities for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Significantly, online shopping has mostly replaced physical trips to the mall. For many, it is the primary method of purchasing property. Yet shopping online can still be a daunting task despite its growing popularity.

The excitement of looking for a wardrobe refresh can quickly turn to frustration when you visit another women’s fashion website looking for something, anything, that catches your eye.

This is the problem that Soukchic will solve.

Connecting fashionable women around the world.

The platform is already a partner of hundreds of local and international brands. Accessible through a website and app, it will give women in the UAE access to over 20,000 products.

So whether you want to sample new trends from here in the Middle East or change up your wardrobe with new fashion from around the world, Soukchic has it all.

However, fashion is not Soukchic’s only passion. The platform meets all the needs of women. From health and beauty to sports and fitness, its vendors offer products for every room in the house.

The platform even hosts groceries and home appliances. Finally, long and tedious trips to the mall can be a thing of the past.

Some of the brands partnered with Soukchic include kata and asana, the face shop, Dermacol and anitas.

Empower women to choose

What sets this platform apart from traditional e-commerce sites is its commitment to female empowerment. It is not just a market where goods are exchanged for money.

Soukchic advocates for women’s liberation in the UAE by providing business opportunities for all women.

The online store works with a pick, pack, and ship model, which makes it easier for sellers to increase their sales. This streamlined process packages and delivers products without delay to prioritize customer satisfaction.

Many things discourage women from pursuing their professional aspirations. Lack of money, time, and confidence are the biggest dream killers that prevent fantastic businesses from becoming a reality.

Soukchic tackles this problem by providing budding entrepreneurs with a platform and a proven business model.

As a one-stop-shop of products for all budgets, the platform offers an easy, secure, and fast shopping service for women to enjoy from the comfort of their homes.

With seamless transactions and an efficient “pick, pack and ship” service, Soukchic is your new best friend changing the way you shop.

Soukchic provides a free online store with the option of a paid subscription to elevate your business. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities for success and growth.

For example, the tools available to sellers include collaborating with influencers, promotions and discounts, and custom product bundles.

With carefully chosen partner companies, Soukchic enables start-ups and small businesses to grow alongside big brands.

This is a platform for every woman, regardless of age, ethnicity, culture or religion.

Buyers and sellers from all walks of life are welcome at Soukchic.

The start of innovation

As a start-up with big plans, Soukchic will continue to evolve and innovate to empower women in the UAE. The e-commerce site is currently running a “Get It Now” campaign that offers exclusive deals and discounts of up to 50% off clothing, bags and accessories. The campaign period is valid until April 2022. Shoppers can also enjoy exclusive promotions and discounts when they subscribe to Soukchic’s email newsletter.

To follow Soukchic updates and the latest trends, visit the company’s social feeds at instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, ICT Tac, Twitterand Youtube.

For more information, please visit Business inquiries can be directed to [email protected]

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