Socure Partners with Carahsoft to Provide Public Sector Agencies with the Industry-Leading Identity Verification Solution for Accuracy and Inclusiveness

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nevada–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Socure, the leading provider of digital identity verification and anti-fraud solutions, today announced a new partnership with Carahsoft Technology Corp., the trusted government IT solutions provider®, providing government agencies with the ability to access Socure’s ID+ platform, a best-in-class identity verification solution that goes beyond the industry standard to scan every piece of identity, maximize accuracy and inclusiveness and protect against identity fraud. Carahsoft will serve as Socure’s primary government aggregator®making their leading platform available through Carahsoft reseller partners and NASA Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) V, National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA) and OMNIA Partners contracts.

Over the past two years, malicious actors and criminal networks have launched targeted attacks against public sector bodies at all levels of government, costing taxpayers billions. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), Socure enables public sector agencies to modernize their approach to identity verification and achieve highly accurate automated decisions.

“Socure’s machine learning and artificial intelligence approach has created an accurate and inclusive model for identity verification in a zero-trust world,” said Steve Jacyna, director of emerging cyber solutions at Carahsoft. “We are excited to work with Socure and our reseller network to provide these industry-leading benefits to our government customers, preventing resources from being misused by cybercriminals.

“Fraud should no longer be accepted as the cost of doing business in the public sector,” said Matt Thompson, managing director of public sector operations at Socure. “Government agencies have paid too much for substandard performance with the solutions in place that discriminate against certain populations, pass up too much fraud, and place excessive demands on the right people trying to prove who they are. We can and must do better.”

This partnership makes Socure’s ID+ platform easily accessible to government agencies and has key benefits, including:

  • Automatic approval from other eligible people: Up to 98% for ordinary populations and up to 94% for hard-to-identify populations, including Gen Z, Millennials, and newcomers to the country
  • Prevent more fraud: Capture 90% of third-party identity fraud among the 3% riskiest users
  • Reduction of manual revisions: Reduce manual reviews with fully automated identity verification and fraud prevention, with response in milliseconds

Socure’s platform is available through Carahsoft’s SEWP V contracts NNG15SC03B, NNG15SC27B, NCPA contract NCPA001-86 and OMNIA Partners contract #R191902. For more information, contact Carahsoft’s Socure team at (703) 871-8548 or email [email protected]

Carahsoft’s dedicated cybersecurity team specializes in providing federal, state, and local government agencies and education and healthcare organizations with security solutions to protect their cyber ecosystem. To learn more about Carahsoft’s cybersecurity solutions, visit

About Carahsoft

Carahsoft Technology Corp. is the trusted government IT solutions provider®, supporting public sector organizations in federal, state and local government agencies and in the education and healthcare markets. As the main government aggregator® for our vendor partners, we offer solutions for cybersecurity, multicloud, DevSecOps, big data, artificial intelligence, open source, customer experience and more. Working with resellers, systems integrators and consultants, our sales and marketing teams deliver industry-leading IT products, services and training through hundreds of contract vehicles. Visit us at

About Socure

Socure is the leading platform for digital identity verification and trust. Its predictive analytics platform applies artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques with reliable online/offline data intelligence from government-issued physical documents as well as emails, phones, addresses, IP addresses, devices, speed, date of birth, SSN and the wider internet to verify identities in real time. The company has more than 1,400 customers in financial services, government, gaming, healthcare, telecommunications and e-commerce, including four of the top five banks, 13 of the top 15 card issuers, the top three ESM, the leading payroll provider, the best credit bureau, the leading online gaming operator, the best providers of Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) and more than 250 of the biggest fintechs. Marquee customers include Chime, SoFi, Robinhood, Gusto, Public, Stash, DraftKings, State of California and Florida Homeowners Assistance Fund. Socure customers have become investors in the company, including Citi Ventures, Wells Fargo Strategic Capital, Capital One Ventures, MVB Bank and Synchrony. Other investors include Accel, T. Rowe Price, Bain Capital Ventures, Tiger Global, Commerce Ventures, Scale Venture Partners, Sorenson, Flint Capital, Two Sigma Ventures and others.

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