‘Sis, “the shop” on the website is not working’

Sheree WhitfieldSHE By Shereé’s athletic brand became a topic of conversation several times after the season finale of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

The reasons stemmed from the company’s most anticipated fashion show and the many problems people encountered while purchasing an item from the website. On September 4, fans saw Whitfield put together the event firsthand and the pieces that were part of the SHE By Shereé collection despite numerous setbacks.

Fans are pointing out some issues with Shereé Whitfield’s SHE By Shereé website following the brand’s fashion during the season finale of “RHOA.” (Photo: @shereewhitfield/Instagram)

One of the setbacks included production issues with her clothes. During the episode, although Whitfield revealed that she had booked the venue for the SHE By Shereé fashion show, the 52-year-old shared that she was having trouble getting the clothes that would be featured in the show. parade.

She said: ‘I’ve outsourced some work to a production house in New York and she promised she’d get everything on time, but at the moment she has nothing for me. I don’t know what I get, how many coins I get and I’m frustrated.

While describing the many emotions she felt, such as anger, Whitfield recounted the past issues she went through while trying to pitch the company’s first show in 2008, including not providing any samples to guests due to poor production.

She added: “I see red. I’m starting to get flashbacks, PTSD from the no-fashion fashion show 14 years ago. I’m still embarrassed. I cannot, I will not allow this to happen again.

Despite the obstacles, Whitfield finally received all the missing clothes on the day of the event and was able to have her fashion show. As fans watched the episode and tried to purchase plays from the SHE By Shereé website, many claimed they were having trouble accessing the site.

And other people mentioned that the clothes Whitfield showed off in the fashion show during the season finale weren’t the same clothes advertised on the site.

“Sis, ‘shop’ on the website is not working. Do we have to wait 14 years for it to be repaired? #RHOA. »

“I went 2to the website 2to see these joggers from season 1 of #RHOA and I don’t see a jogger, a shirt not even socks! I clicked on the shop link and nothing opened Dreams of Sheree is a [email protected] mocking your fake business $$ and your fake bae @andy 2 @IamSheree must go.

“I can’t believe I tried to buy some imaginary joggers from a fictional clothing line run by a wacky woman…this St from Sheree needs to stop #RHOATL #RHOA.”

“Sheree had 3 items on this website (none of which were seen in the final fashion show)…. And now the site is not working. Sheree is a #RHOA idiot.

Hours later, following the complaints, Whitfield took to her Instagram story and responded to one of the allegations. She claimed the SHE By Shereé site crashed due to fans’ “overflowing interest” in the product.

Shereé Whitfield explains why her website crashed after fans voiced their complaints on social media. @shereewhitfield/Instagram

Whitfield wrote: “Due to overwhelming interest in She by Shereé, the influx of love is crashing the website. But please understand it is under construction, so keep checking in next 24 hours. We are working to resolve this issue quickly.

The mother-of-three concluded her caption by thanking her followers.

The site remains down at the time of this writing and it is unclear when it will be up and running.

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