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In conversation with Woman’s Era, Ms. Sheetal Kapoor, Co-Managing Director, SHR Lifestyle Pvt. LTD. talk about their brand Shree — The Indian Avatar and their journey to success.

How did the SHREE brand come about? Could you please share your journey and experience to success?

We have identified a lack of an everyday ethnic fashion brand in the textile and apparel industry that caters to the modern Indian woman who values ​​quality, comfort, convenience and affordability. For this, we have carefully researched and researched the Indian market, the main sartorial requirements and preferences in terms of fabrics, color tones, styles and fits that best suit the target clientele. We figured out that most women who wanted a chic design with quality and the right fit would primarily go to a tailor and still wouldn’t be able to achieve the results they wanted.

So, we decided to form a brand for “women of today”. We didn’t know where to start, so we started as an e-commerce platform selling ethnic clothing on E-Bay in 2009. Shree made its presence in the markets in 2010 and has steadily started to grow in all of them. the main online markets. We opened our first brick and mortar store in Todapur, New Delhi in 2015 and it was a big milestone for us. Since then, there has been no turning back. Today we are 100 strong and growing stores in India as well as internationally!

Our brand name “Shree” has its origins in the Sanskrit word devi which means divine. We have decided to name our brand “Shree — The Indian Avatar” because we believe that every woman is a “devi” and imbued with divinity. Deeply rooted in our rich Indian culture, ‘Devi’ is quintessentially the core of every Indian woman.

Ethnic clothing, as we understand it, is the essence of every Indian woman’s wardrobe. And that’s where we come in. Our brand offers inexpensive, comfortable and everyday Indian ethnic clothing to all kinds of women.

What does your immediate expansion plan look like?

We are proud to say that we have come a long way and have succeeded in establishing our brand by offering affordable yet comfortable and high quality products. Last month (November 2021) we launched our 100th store in Amritsar. Having established 100 physical stores across India and building a strong digital presence here, we are now focusing on international markets.

We have already launched the brand in the United Arab Emirates. The City Center Sharjah store is already operational and the City Center Deira store will be launched by the end of December 2021.

We have already started to put together a team to take care of business and marketing strategies in UAE. We are going all out and launching a UAE-specific electronic communication portal ( this month (December 2021).

It is important to stress that Shree is the first “Made in India” brand to go international.

In addition, we have launched SHREE RETAIL 2.0 and have already started to integrate this new concept in all our new stores, starting with Bhel Chowk, Dehradun and Alpha Mall, Amritsar. This concept is in line with the new brand image of Shree which will be launched by February 2022.

The brand’s new colors are signal yellow, sky blue and fashion gray. These can be seen in the new retail concept in our new stores. The cultural nuance is represented through motifs of genda, leaves and Indian architecture.

What does the Shree brand represent?

Shree — The Indian Avataar is an inspired, sourced, designed and created “Made in India” brand exclusively in India for the modern Indian woman, celebrating style, individuality, quality and comfort. As a brand, we stand for “women’s empowerment”. It is understood that the modern Indian woman constantly strives to maintain a perfect balance between her social and professional life. We allow her to effortlessly and in style cross her personal and professional life, keeping her fashion functionality in mind! The goal is to fill your wardrobe with clothes that will be your go-to outfit every morning.

Shree’s design philosophy is simple: comfort and inclusiveness come first. Our outfits celebrate every body type, age, etc. Our designers work with colors and fabrics that compliment the modern Indian woman with the country’s extreme weather conditions in mind.

How do you plan your collections and design the outfits?

We design our outfits in 2 large collections specific to the seasons: spring / summer and fall / winter. We plan our season’s collection based on market research, competitor brand research and current trends. From these research predictions, we further create themes and stories within the larger seasonal collection of approximately 6+ sets each.

Based on the defined themes / stories, we design appropriate prints and then proceed to create the silhouettes. Our clients and their requirements / needs form the backbone of our creativity and style / outfit creation. In addition, we also analyze our previous collection to see the bestsellers and what worked, while of course keeping the cost of production in mind.

What is your business strategy for the future and how do you plan to make it sustainable?

Our future business strategy is guided by our intention to focus on what creates long-term value for our customers – a vision that Shree considers extremely important to the success of any business. Our strategy at this point is to stay tuned to customers, analyze and understand their expectations for fashion, functionality and convenience and accordingly streamline our business to deliver the products they are looking for.

To achieve this, the adoption of technology and digitization will play a major role. We have widely embraced this new transformation and have prepared all of our online and digital platforms (WhatsApp, social media, website, emails, SMS) to ensure we are communicating with our customers and vice versa at every customer touch point and the same time. have a simple and transparent interaction with our partners and other stakeholders.

In addition, we are also strengthening our internal processes, inventory management and brand building initiatives.

We are making an increasing number of sales through our website, social media and WhatsApp and offer fast deliveries to our customers’ doors. Our development team continuously sources new and sustainable raw materials and introduces new product lines.


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