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A person’s jewelry says a lot about them. Some gravitate towards bold and flashy pieces that demand your attention, and others prefer dainty and delicate designs that have significant meaning. In the case of the first lady, Dr Jill Biden, it appears her collection is an intriguing blend of the two concepts.

The First Lady, who regularly makes a unifying and heartfelt statement with her fashion choices, was spotted wearing layers of gold necklaces engraved by Heather B. Moore, an Ohio artisan who takes pride in every piece she creates. We’re told that Biden’s balls were custom-designed to honor her family, and on closer inspection it’s clear that she has retained these sentimental pieces for years and years.

Moore’s team tells In the style that FLOTUS was first used in the jewelry collection when she received a special 14k gold charm bearing the inscription “Obama Biden 2008” surrounded by tiny diamonds by her daughter. The meaningful trinket was originally purchased in Bethesda, Maryland, in 2008, when former President Obama won his first term. Safe to say she keeps this life-changing moment in history close to her heart.

Other charms seen on Biden include a personalized 14k yellow gold ID tag with all of his children’s names engraved on it, including his son Beau at the bottom; and some shimmering gold energy chains to keep those special pieces secure. While admiring the fancy necklaces seen on FLOTUS, it inspired us to rethink the gifts we give this holiday season and take a page from his book.

After all, jewelry is forever, and a personalized piece shows extra thought and consideration that won’t go unnoticed. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite affordable options (which can be personalized with initials or full names) in case you’re still grappling with your shopping list.

We all know nameplate necklaces are iconic in every way (and oh so Carrie Bradshow), and that own BaubleBar Style lets you choose between script or block font to make it your own.

And following in Biden’s footsteps, we love the idea of ​​a necklace that captures the names of loved ones on it, and we thought these soft but discreet designs of Made by Mary would also pull on the sensitive strings.

Let’s celebrate those we love with gifts that make a lasting impression.


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