Shipium Adds Data Science, Logistics, and Sales Managers to its Growing Team

New additions from Microsoft, project44 and Convoy bring industry experience and technical prowess to runtime technology companies

SEATTLE, June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Shipium, the leading retail and e-commerce fulfillment technology platform, announced three leadership additions to the Shipium team across product, sales and implementation teams. technical work. Joining the company are Shilpa Tiwarivice president of engineering and data science; Jason Kerner, senior vice president of sales engineering; and Brian Thomas, Vice President of Sales. These new recruits follow Shipium’s exciting journey $27.5M The largest Series A fundraising event in the logistics software industry to date.

Tiwari, Kerner and Thom join the growth Seattle logistics startup founded in 2019 by supply chain and logistics experts Jason Murray and McBrown, which aims to help billion-dollar retailers and digital-native e-commerce businesses make fast shipping a core business offering. The Shipium fulfillment platform enables retailers to automate millions of real-time supply chain and shipping decisions to better place inventory, promise delivery dates to online shoppers, and appeal national and regional carriers to find the fastest and cheapest shipping option.

“We’re in full scale mode, and it’s an exciting time at Shipium as demand for our platform in the retail industry is strong,” said Jason Murray, co-founder and CEO of Shipium. “Shilpa, Brian and Jason are fantastic additions to the team and will do wonders to help us improve our products, grow customer acquisition and onboarding, and transform the way our customers deliver a great customer experience. ‘shipping and purchasing to consumers nationwide.’

Shilpa Tiwari joined Shipium from Microsoft where she held the position of Group Engineering Manager for more than two years at the head of the DataGrid Intelligence platform. At Microsoft, Tiwari was responsible for building the team and technology stack that powers the Intelligent Risk Insights platform, which uses data science and deep learning to identify risks and anomalies. Prior to Microsoft, Tiwari worked at Amazon where she led software development focused on optimization solutions and machine learning. At Shipium, Tiwari is responsible for leading all engineering and data science teams as they build the industry’s first supply chain execution technology platform for retail businesses. retail and e-commerce.

In addition to her work at Shipium, Tiwari was recently appointed to the nonprofit Washington Higher Education Facilities Authority (WHEFA) Board of Directors, where she will serve as a strategic resource for the organization.

Jason Kerner joined Shipium from project44 where, for six years, he served as Global Vice President, Solutions & Value Engineering and Lab Services. During his time with project44, he helped grow the company from 12 employees to over 1,200 while establishing the foundations and processes needed to build a strong go-to-market program. Additionally, Jason has played an important role in numerous partnerships and assisted in the integration of project44’s strategic acquisitions. At Shipium, Jason leads solution engineering (pre-sales) and customer experience (onboarding and customer success) focused on creating value for Fortune 500 companies and direct-to-consumer retail and e-commerce businesses. consumers.

Brian Thomas joins Shipium from Convoy, the digital freight network, where he spent six years in sales, business development and strategy, helping grow the company from 15 employees to over 1,400 with annual revenue exceeding $700 million. At Convoy, Thom held several sales leadership positions, most recently as Head of Revenue Expansion, where he was responsible for the go-to-market strategies that helped Convoy become the leading technology provider freight management. At Shipium, Thom will lead sales and revenue efforts to enable Fortune 500 companies and direct-to-consumer retail and e-commerce businesses to modernize their approach to logistics and supply chain management. supply.

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At Shipium, our technology enables the world’s largest retailers and e-commerce companies to make fast, free, and on-time shipping a cornerstone of their business. Designed to help multi-billion dollar and digital native retailers tame complexity, the Shipium processing platform connects, coordinates and optimizes complex supply chain decisions to deliver speed and value. Founded in 2019 by digital supply chain leaders Amazon and Zulily, Shipium is transforming the way retailers do business. To learn more about how Shipium can boost your business, visit

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