Online Shopping Platforms Witness Holi Festival’s Hit Sales

As the pandemic has accelerated the shift to e-commerce, online shopping platforms such as Meesho, Amazon and Flipkart are seeing blockbuster Holi festival sales.

Meesho, a fast-growing e-commerce platform, said its three-day Holi sales event from March 4-6 saw more than 14 million orders. In fact, the SoftBank-backed platform surpassed last year’s peak in Diwali sales orders, which is usually the country’s biggest festival shopping season.

Meesho, who says his mission is to democratize internet commerce, saw nearly 80% of demand come from Tier 2+ markets like Amravati, Aurangabad, Faizabad, Muzaffarpur and Silchar, during his recent Holi sales. The platform has also seen a huge increase in sales of jewelry, shoes, electronics, and apparel.

“The recently concluded Holi sales event was a milestone for us,” said Utkrishta Kumar, CXO, Business, at Meesho, “Recording 14 million orders in just three days, with 80% of that demand coming from cities level 2+. , underscores our efforts to democratize e-commerce. With over 77 million unique product listings, we will continue to expand our product portfolio to make Meesho a one-stop shopping destination for the next billion people. consumers in the country,” Kumar added.

With seller-friendly initiatives like zero percent commission, zero penalties, and a seven-day payment cycle, sellers on Meesho are able to earn better profit margins and grow their business. During the Holi sale, sellers witnessed an almost 230% increase in orders.

“The highlight of the sale was that the order flow was the same for all three days. It was even better than the Diwali sale,” said Varun, a Meesho vendor from Delhi.

“We have seen sales increase 5 times. It was my best seller so far,” said Priyank Adesara, another Meesho seller from Rajkot.

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Meesho provides access to over 77 million unique products in a plethora of categories. In 2021, over 71% of all new Meesho users were from Indian Tier 3+ markets.

Flipkart’s social commerce platform, Shopsy, has also witnessed extraordinary shopping trends as it celebrates its first Holi with its customers.

“From Holi pichkaris (water guns) and organic colors, customers are now moving away from traditional celebratory modes and shopping more for value,” a Flipkart spokesperson said. “While the Holi Essentials category saw 60% traction from Tier 3+ cities, the East and North areas contributed the majority of shoppers.”

The major cities with the highest demand were Patna, Lucknow, Guwahati, Varanasi, Allahabad, Jaipur, Ranchi, Cuttack, Bhubaneswar, Ahmedabad, Kanpur, Ghaziabad, Medinipur, Bankura and Nagpur.

Shopsy witnessed a 5x growth in color demand, while pichkaris orders nearly quadrupled. The apparel category also saw a 2x jump as customers stocked up on festive clothes ahead of Holi.

Some of the other categories that have seen phenomenal growth in demand include Holi decorative items (25x), Holi crackers (21x), and soft drinks (17x), among others.

“While Shopsy’s large, affordable and wide selection of Holi products attracted many customers, women and the student community accounted for the maximum purchases,” a Flipkart spokesperson said. “In addition, a wide variety of packaged foods such as flour, sooji, ghee, sugar, flavors and others have seen notable demand in Tier 3+ cities.”

Although Shopsy is in its first year, the social commerce market as a whole has seen huge potential for growth in online channels. “It also helps Shopsy continue its commitment to delivering affordable, convenient and value-driven products to customers in all parts of the country, while enabling entrepreneurship for millions of Indians,” the spokesperson said. from Flipkart.

E-commerce giant Amazon is also tapping into customers’ Holi shopping spree. It has curated a “Holi Shopping Store”, designed as a one-stop destination to meet all Holi shopping needs, ranging from herbal colors and pichkaris to fashion and beauty essentials, puja, to waterproof gadgets and accessories.

Amazon said customers can expect to save on top brands including Xiaomi, OnePlus, Maybelline, Sugar Cosmetics, Kindle, GoPro, Samsung and Sony, Bata, Mother Dairy and Prestige. Amazon’s latest devices, such as Kindle (10th Gen), smart speaker with Alexa, and Fire TV Stick, are also available at discounted prices.

Amazon also presents unique products such as Indian Karigar Holi Gulal, which are organic Holi colors (gulal), prepared from natural ingredients such as corn starch. Other products include the “FunBlast Elephant Holi Water Gun Toy” for kids and non-toxic Holi water balloons. Water-resistant Bluetooth speakers are also offered.

Social commerce company DealShare, known for pioneering the Community Group Buying (CGB) model in India, said Holi sales were 10 times higher than last year.

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“There is a 92% increase in sales compared to last year’s Holi,” said Sourjyendu Medda, Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of DealShare. Medda said the company is witnessing huge demand in categories like general merchandise, snacks, beverages, beverages and groceries, especially in places like the National Capital Region, West Bengal, Gujarat, Karnataka and Hyderabad. “Our private label grocery line is doing very well and has created a huge difference in the market because the prices are good,” Medda said.

Snapdeal, the other major e-commerce company, said it hosts a special Holi store called “Aa Re Holi”, with up to 85% off a variety of products such as natural holi colors, sweets, t-shirts, pichkaris, waterproof shoes and make-up items.

Online fashion platform Myntra also said it witnessed high demand on its platform ahead of the Holi weekend. “The color festival is also an occasion where people like to dress up. As a result, Indian clothing and beauty categories are seeing an increase in demand,” a Myntra spokesperson said.

“Additionally, children’s clothing and western clothing continue to see an increase in popularity. With the opening of offices, the workwear category is also gaining momentum,” the spokesperson added.

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