New Jersey-Based Analytics Company Offers a Full Range of Services

New Jersey, United States, 01 Feb. 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TestMarket Analytics, a New Jersey-based analytics company, has unveiled a unified platform providing the full suite of sales/marketing, brand building, and analytics services for small businesses selling products on popular US-based e-commerce sites, such as Amazon. , eBay, Etsy and Walmart.

“The platform provides a one-stop shop for online marketers looking to boost sales, increase customer trust, increase brand visibility and track consumer behavior without having to purchase expensive software. or spend a lot of money on consulting services,” Eyvaz Huseynov, TestMarket Analytics co-founder and COO, says.

“Extremely well versed in the world of e-commerce”

TestMarket Analytics is dedicated to helping new sellers enter the digital marketplace so they can generate sustainable revenue through the use of winning sales/marketing strategies. “We help develop brands, products and services by collecting – and thoroughly analyzing – customer feedback,” says Huseynov.

The company also distributes and tests discounted products to increase brand recognition in major U.S.-based digital marketplaces and help sellers build trust with their customers, according to Huseynov. “In an effort to provide users with the most effective solutions, we work with an exceptionally talented team of experts who are very familiar with the world of e-commerce,” he says.

Through the use of advanced AI-based analysis methods, TestMarket Analytics also identifies vital keywords that should be included in sellers’ product listings, in addition to those with the greatest potential to move up. effective pay-per-click campaigns.

Ready for growth amid growing demand

Incorporated last year, TestMarket Analytics is an AI-powered analytics company specializing in sales and marketing strategy, brand building, keyword analysis, product promotion and digital advertising. Its overarching goal, according to company officials, is to help small merchants compete — and even thrive — in the crowded U.S. digital marketplace.

Despite its relative youth, TestMarket Analytics has already formulated winning sales and marketing strategies for over 1,600 online sellers in the United States. “Currently, more than 21,000 US-based product testers use our platform,” says Murat Aras, company co-founder and business developer.

He adds: “The shrinking retail sector is driving sellers to online marketplaces. We observe that the number of sellers of products on online platforms is increasing day by day, and we expect to see the demand for our services increase significantly in the short term.



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