Nasscom: IT sector will see 6% growth in employee hires this year


The computer industry will see a 6 percent growth in hiring of employees this year from its current workforce of 3.5 million.

This industry has accomplished a lot over the past two decades and is experiencing significant growth, according to R Chandrashekhar, president of Nasscom.

He said the industry is moving into the digital age and India is recognized in the digital technology arena in terms of the availability of talent.

However, he added, in the midst of technological change, it is important to recognize that it is not technology and gadgets that run a business, but people.

Workforce management

It matters how the workforce is managed amid this sea of ​​technology. People are the real assets and ultimately people make the difference, he said.

Even though digital has an impact on everything around it and represents the environment in which the workforce operates, it is inevitable that it also disrupts the way HR is managed.

The day has already arrived, he said in his opening remarks at the two-day Nasscom HR Summit, on the theme “Digital Highway – The HR Journey to the Future”.

He added that today, the workforce is in two distinct categories – baby boomers and millennials – representing two generations. There are challenges, this is a crucial task for HR.

How to motivate one without alienating the other? A Nasscom study shows that in ten years, 75 percent of the global workforce would be millennials – those who entered the workforce after 2000, or born after 1980, he said. declared. A major challenge is to create the leadership pipeline of people.

The second concerns the re-engagement of employees at the dawn of their careers. These employees have been around for more than 15 years and must move into a managerial position or face a serious risk of dismissal.

The number of these professionals is significant, he said.

Social media

Digital has a huge impact on HR and more particularly on SMAC (social networks, analytics and cloud) and the stack, each having a profound impact on HR functions.

Social media are intended to be leveraged for recruitment, retention and branding; analytics for workforce planning, skill gap mapping and sentiment analysis; mobile in learning and development, hiring and attendance and the cloud for payroll, timesheets and rewards, he said.


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