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New Delhi: Fashion retailer Myntra said on Thursday that it expects around seven new lakh customers on its platform during the End of Reason Sale (EORS), slated for later this month. The 15th edition of Myntra’s biannual EORS is scheduled for December 18-23 with the participation of over 5,000 brands.

The event is expected to meet the fashion, beauty and lifestyle needs of over 40 lakhs of unique clients across the country, with demand expected to increase 2.5 times on business as usual (BAU) days, according to a press release.

“With over 20% more traffic compared to the previous winter edition, Myntra expects around 7,000,000 new customers during the event, with around 45% of the overall traffic coming from the towns and villages of level II and III “, he added.

Myntra said it will go plastic-free with delivery packaging made from recyclable paper.

Myntra has taken the lead in enabling its ecosystem of vendors to adopt sustainable packaging alternatives, creating a positive environmental impact across the entire supply chain, the statement said.

Additionally, Myntra uses recycled paper for stuffing items and has replaced plastic for inner packaging where possible. Giving strong impetus to its sustainability efforts, two of Myntra’s largest distribution centers, located in Bilaspur and Bhiwandi, run on solar energy, he added.

By further expanding its omni network, Myntra has integrated more than 350 brands and more than 2,900 stores across the country, more than 1.7 times more than the previous winter edition of EORS held in December of. Last year.

Omnichannel services are offered in more than 42 cities and in styles of 1.4 lakh, with some of the major brands integrated into this system in the last three months being, among others, Status Quo, Woodland, Soch and Columbia, according to the communicated.

About 25,000 Kirana partners, including franchises, will account for 80% of all deliveries from this EORS, he added.

Myntra’s Kirana model offers store owners another source of income and livelihood that is amplified during SOR due to the sheer volume of deliveries.

“With 14 editions under our belt, we’ve come a long way to understand the pulse of fashion-conscious shoppers and this gives us an advantage in terms of selecting the best for each cohort of customers. We are researching an important part of meeting new customers with their current fashion and beauty needs, through our social commerce platforms, especially M-Live which was launched recently, ”said Sharon Pais, Commercial Director of Myntra .

Myntra’s approximately 25,000 Kirana partners will play a central role in enhancing the EORS experience for customers, while also having another source of income, Pais added.


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