Meet the dazzling Sumedha Ramanan making waves in Fashion World

Row Makhdoomi

Sumedha Ramanan, is an absolute pioneer; an emerging name that is increasingly difficult to ignore in the Indian fashion industry. She is a future entrepreneur and fashion designer who is making waves in the fashion e-commerce industry. For the first time in India, she brings men’s and women’s high fashion experience to the online world in the fastest 4 days delivery time.

She has several roles to her credit. Currently working as Founder and Executive Director of Streetap, Bangalore, she has a strong background in e-commerce businesses in India and overseas. With most of the fashion e-commerce industry having seen the dominance of male IITians over the past decade, Sumedha is emerging as a refreshing candidate with a background in fashion. She is a former student of the prestigious university, The National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai which ranks 9th in the world to date. At Only Kashmir, we were curious how her unique experience helps her stand out in this industry.

Asked about the impact of the pandemic on the fashion industry, she highlighted the fact that the online and offline industry has suffered; the former suffered from lockdowns and slowing traffic, while online sales plummeted as people quickly feared receiving packages.

In addition, Sumedha also pointed out that while the online industry has gained momentum in the second half of the pandemic, only 3% of fashion sales in India are online and it is important to improve the online representation of Indian retail brands.

Interestingly, despite being a young woman, she has an extraordinary talent for designing men’s clothing. To which she explains: “Personally, I have found my enthusiasm for men’s clothing design as it is very minimalist in nature and creatively stimulating. Unlike womenswear, which is very diverse, designing menswear is all about changes that we can make down to the smallest detail. For example, I can’t change the look of a shirt, but I can definitely give you a contrasting button placket or accent button. the comfort of their home. “I like to design for men because they usually come to us at the last minute with tight deadlines,” she laughs, “as a strategist I like to be on my toes and allow faster deliveries. TO Streetap, we currently deliver tailor-made suits in four days.

While reflecting on its goals, she sees that the unorganized sector is under-represented in the online world and considers its main mission to be to put them at the forefront of the e-commerce industry and increase their sales without charging them any commissions.

Startups are known to be a major cause of stress and financial exhaustion for young entrepreneurs. So when we asked her what keeps her motivated, she recalled: “Although I have just started, I am happy to see that one of my suppliers who was previously dependent on attendance has now completely switched to Streetap model and was also able to take vacations with his family after a long time, thanks to better margins and sales. Even though startups can be difficult, these small victories keep me going. “

Without a doubt, Sumedha Ramanan looks like a promising entrepreneur in the world of fashion design and e-commerce in India.

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