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Fashion designer Yong Davalos opens her first flagship store at The Podium

If there’s a buzzword in today’s fashion landscape, it’s sustainability. During the pandemic, people’s eyes have been opened to its benefits and lasting effect. Although it is definitely the future fashion that is heading, it is becoming difficult for many to fully embrace it due to its accessibility. Listen, the most durable pieces you can have are the ones that are in your wardrobe right now. But if you want to add a few pieces to your wardrobe, this new store not only celebrates consciously made clothing, but also the Filipino fashion workforce.

Yong Davalos

After more than a decade of working in the fashion and retail industry, Yong Davalos opens his first flagship store at Podium. The launch of the physical retail store is a testament to the fashion designer’s love for her craft and the people who work on each seam.

“We always pay with Yong Studio International,” Yong told Manila Bulletin Lifestyle. “All the manangs and the employees who work with us, we ensure that they are in good condition and well paid with all the benefits and so on. I think that’s why the business is thriving. I personally want to give it to the industry I love and the workers behind that industry.

Facade of the Yond Studio store in The Podium

As if you were transported to a tropical retail paradise, the store houses many of Yong’s recent collections. Buyers can expect to see a colorful parade of prints with her Volumes 1 and 2 “Destino.” She also has something for male shoppers with her recent foray into menswear with her “Normcore” collection. Accessible luxury is what Yong aims for. This is why all of its pieces are modestly priced with pieces starting at 2,399.

“I want people to feel that it’s fun to have fashion after the pandemic,” muses the designer. “How fun it is to travel in nice clothes. I don’t want to share that feeling of goodness and happiness, and positivity when you wear clothes that make you feel good and look good.

The store is also an invitation to the physical shopping experience after the height of e-commerce at the start of the pandemic. Although going online has broadened her brand’s reach, Yong believes having an on-site boutique adds more to a brand’s reputation.

“It has to be hybrid. We are always going to be online,” Yong says. “But the thing is, people need to see and feel our clothes. Amazingly, since the first week we’ve been here, the store has been doing so well. Now, I understand that for an online brand to be successful, you need locations that are accessible to people in some way. This gives more credibility to the brand.

Check out the inside of the store below:

Inside Yong Studio’s flagship store
Inside Yong Studio’s flagship store
Inside Yong Studio’s flagship store

Discover more of Yong Studio by visiting its flagship store on the 2nd level of the Podium Mall.

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