Lightspeed, Intermix Ecommerce Experiences Team

Commerce platform Lightspeed has partnered with women’s fashion company Intermix to boost digital transformation and sales, the companies announced on Tuesday (January 18th).

Lightspeed’s platform enables merchants to simplify, adapt and create customer experiences, while Intermix is ​​known for its expertise in product curation and customer service. According to the statement, Intermix has 31 stores and an e-commerce channel.

The partnership will see Intermix use the “NuORDER by Lightspeed” platform, which will allow Intermix to analyze assortments across categories and regions, configure products on their e-commerce site and complete bulk orders faster. .

Intermix will also utilize the platform’s branding capabilities, with the goal of extending exclusives, driving personalization and making data-driven decisions to fulfill orders.

In the release, Divya Mathur, director of merchandising at Intermix, said the partnership “will allow us to hyper-localize assortments in each of our 31 stores nationwide and expand our e-commerce offering.” , while maintaining Intermix’s unique point of view.

“We are excited to combine the data capabilities of NuORDER by Lightspeed with our expertise in trend detection and assortment editing to accelerate our growth,” continued Mathur. “As we continue to evolve, we are considering investments that will enable us to deliver a highly personalized in-store shopping experience across both channels.”

PYMNTS wrote that Lightspeed recently said its US-based merchants averaged twice the industry growth of others, with a 35% gross traction value (GTV) in a 2020 comparable store. to 2021.

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The report noted that there was a 52% increase in same-store GTV for hospitality customers, compared to the industry average of 31% for the same period. At the time, Lightspeed president JP Chauvet said the company was happy to see this continue even with the troubling pandemic and supply chain conditions.

Chauvet said he believes “widespread adoption of new technologies like cloud point-of-sale, omnichannel distribution, contactless payments and advance ordering are helping to drive this growth and expansion.”



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