Latest acquisition from Gap Inc. to solve fit issues with advanced 3D technology

San Francisco-headquartered fashion brand Gap Inc. announced the acquisition of Drapr, an e-commerce startup and technology-based online application that enables customers to quickly create 3D avatars and virtually try on clothes.

Drapr is designed to help customers find the clothing size that best suits their personal style and body type. Part of the Y-Class Combinator of Summer 2020, Drapr was founded by David Pastewka, Will Drevno and Richard Berwick, who have collaborated on 3D technology for over a decade with early support from Boost VC and Berkeley SkyDeck .

David Pastewka, co-founder and CEO of Drapr, said: “Most people don’t know their exact measurements or are looking for a specific type of fit that numbers alone can’t tell them. Drapr has proven to be effective and we are excited about the impact we can have on large scale customers as part of the Gap Inc family. ”

“Fit is the main sticking point for customers, and with its advanced 3D technology, Drapr has shown it can help shoppers efficiently find the size and fit they need. We plan to leverage Drapr to help Gap Inc. improve the fit experience for our customers and accelerate our ongoing digital transformation, ”said Sally Gilligan, Director of Growth Transformation at Gap Inc.

The company also announced the launch of the Bodequality initiative this month, which aims to make the Old Navy brand more inclusive.

“With the launch of Bodequality, we have reinvented our fit process at Old Navy to give women more confidence in their clothes, regardless of size. Drapr’s technology will help us continue to build on this expertise and deliver a more personalized and inclusive fit experience to all of our clients by showing them what an item will look like on their body while recommending the best fit for them. of their individual preferences. Added Nancy Green, President and CEO, Old Navy.

Additionally, the company’s strategic growth office also participated in the latest round of funding for obé fitness, a digital fitness platform that focuses on bringing entertainment, pop culture and design to fitness. The partnership between obé and Athleta will come to life through its new AthletaWell community platform and is designed to increase brand engagement, with the two brands working together on clothing, content, events and innovative shopping experiences. .

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