Influencer Rosie Connolly feared she might have to close Dundrum clothing store after flooding destroyed stock

IRISH influencer Rosie Connolly feared she would have to close her clothing store after flooding destroyed the stock.

The fashion blogger launched her 4th ARQ brand online last year, then opened her own boutique in 2021 in the popular Dundrum Town Center.


Rosie Connolly outside her 4th ARQ clothing store launched earlier this yearCredit: Rosie Connolly Instagram
Rosie said she thought she had to shut down


Rosie said she thought she had to shut downCredit: Rosie Connolly Instagram

But the disaster struck a few weeks ago and part of the mall was flooded due to torrential rains and many stores were damaged.

Rosie’s clothing store had to close for a few days after the flooding, and about 10% of her inventory was damaged.

The Dublin native admitted that she first went into panic mode.

She told The Irish Sun: “The moment I thought ‘that’s it, might as well close the store, the stock is gone’ … again, the panicking brain was there.”

However, once the initial shock was over, Rosie took steps to save the store’s clothes and realized it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Rosie explained, “Basically what we did at the moment is we have all the wet stock and a friend of mine owns the dry cleaners so I was like ‘what can you do? do to recover that because we cannot just throw it away but it is also sitting there, wet, you have to move it because it will go moldy, I cannot lose it completely ”.

“She drove on Sunday and filled her car with all this soggy stuff, the windows were fogged up and they just finished dry cleaning every room.”


The influencer added: “In the end, I would say about 10% of the stock in the store’s reserve was damaged. We have a warehouse in North Dublin where we have most of our inventory.”

Luckily for her fashion fans, Rosie will be selling the clothes at a discount.

She said: “We’re going to sell it for a discount and donate the money to charity because at the end of the day it’s more about not throwing the stock in the trash.

“For us, if we can grab it and get something out of it, then happy days. My Instagram DMs went crazy because of people saying ‘I’ll buy it on a discount’.”

The 31-year-old shared how she uses these mishaps to learn and how she improves at handling difficult situations.

Rosie said, “It’s always about dealing with the next thing, so if you don’t go through it, learn from it and make some kind of change, then it will happen again.

“But things like that, you can’t predict. You just have to adapt and I’m learning to improve with less tears, I’m learning to cry less, that’s the main thing.”

She added: “Turns out it wasn’t as bad as we had imagined, thank goodness.”


Rosie has partnered with One4all to support Shop4Crumlin to raise funds for the Crumlin Children’s Health Foundation Giggle Fund at CHI Crumlin which runs from Saturday September 11 through Sunday September 19.

Rosie said, “The Giggle Fund is all about giving that little childhood back to a child who is in the hospital.”

For each transaction made with a One4all gift card, 50c will go directly to the Giggle Fund.

In addition, New Look, Life Style Sports, Argos, River Island and Currys PC World will donate an additional 50 cents and therefore € 1 will be donated each time the gift card is used in-store or online.

The mother-of-two raised nearly € 300,000 for Crumlin and Temple Street Children’s Hospital in 2019 and visited the hospital.

She said: “Going through theaters was really a turning point for me where I was like, ‘I have to do something’.”

Rosie told The Irish Sun: “I am so blessed to have two healthy children, but my stepson was actually a twin and he is eight and his brother has passed away.

“I don’t like to talk about it because I’ve never experienced it myself, but my husband and his partner at the time knew about the work of hospitals and everything they do and I just think being his wife and hearing everything they’ve gone though.

“It’s so important to fund these hospitals.”


The fashionista also revealed that she will launch a campaign in favor of breast cancer very soon.

Rosie said: “I can’t talk about it at the moment, but it’s already set in stone and we’ll be launching a campaign in October.”

Last year Rosie shared with her followers that she found a lump on her chest but luckily tests came back that she was benign.

She said: “I haven’t seen my stories again, I have a highlight when I talked about it and I saved it and I’m not watching it because I know I’m going to get mad to see how scared I was.

“In my head, when I found a lump that was it, I was done.

“I just couldn’t see anything that wasn’t the worst case.

“It’s important to let people know that there are a lot of stories going on all the time and that there is nothing to worry about.”

The influencer explained, “My mom had breast cancer and she’s fantastic. I think it’s really important as women to keep talking about it because we never know when we might be that person who might find a lump. “

Rosie added: “Obviously I’m a mom and I think being in the hospital is something so close to my heart and then breast cancer being my mom having breast cancer that touched my family and I got scared.

“These are my two charities that are close to my heart.”

The influencer shared videos of the puddles in her shop


The influencer shared videos of the puddles in her shopCredit: Rosie Connolly Instagram
The workshop was flooded after heavy rains


The workshop was flooded after heavy rainsCredit: Rosie Connolly Instagram
Rosie loaded the car with the damaged stock


Rosie loaded the car with the damaged stockCredit: Rosie Connolly Instagram
The blogger shared that she was


The blogger shared that she was “mentally exhausted” after the hard day.Credit: Rosie Connolly Instagram

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