Infigo brings “Label Factory” e-commerce experience to Rosemont

Label converters discovered how they can launch a thriving e-commerce brand, with Infigo’s “Label Factory” experience, at Labelexpo Americas 2022.

Appearing at booth 3721, Infigo experts dissected the tools and strategies needed to build and scale a successful online business. Visitors to the booth saw exactly how to launch an e-commerce solution and establish an online presence in as little as 90 days.

Through the fictional ice cream brand, Scoops, Douglas Gibson, CEO of Infigo, and Greg Young, Customer Success Manager, explored everything it takes to succeed in print e-commerce — integrations that deliver a customer experience and a transparent print workflow, with strategies that improve conversions and enable scale.

In less than 45 minutes, participants saw how, with the Infigo platform, they can:

  • Create B2B and B2C storefront solutions
  • Supports artwork download including preflight using Enfocus Pitstop technology
  • Provide pre-designed templates
  • Offer the possibility to manage the complete personalization of variable data

The Infigo team also demonstrates the simplicity of the open Infigo Connect API, which syncs orders directly into workflow and MIS systems such as Hybrid, Esko, printIQ, Tharstern, CERM and Label Traxx.

Gibson enjoyed bringing the Label Factory experience to life. He says, “We know the label market is experiencing significant growth right now, with the industry expected to grow by around 5% over the next few years. We also know that e-commerce is the preferred choice for the majority of customers. Label converters know they need to have an online presence to take advantage of this growth, but we’ve heard they often don’t know where to start.

“At Infigo, we have a reputation for doing things differently and standing out, and this demonstration will be no different. The Scoops brand was designed by Infigo to showcase all the great features an Infigo system has to offer in real time so that label converters can succeed in online e-commerce. They walk away with a solid understanding of everything needed to create a thriving label factory. It will be a journey where even those new to print e-commerce are not lost in the technical language, but understand what comes next in the digital workflow and why and how it all connects,” adds Gibson.

Young notes, “Often, web-to-print is sold as a silver bullet for label makers. However, not all vendors have the integration capabilities or the professional services experience to help their users find the sweet spot with web-to-print. We’ve demonstrated everything from how to create a storefront, how customers can upload and edit their own artwork, how the storefront integrates with your GIS and other platforms, and the strategies needed to really push and scale the Mark.

“The Scoops showcase was on display for people to come and watch and play with the software, but we see it more as an immersive experience than a standard demo. I think people were surprised by the flexibility of the platform. form and the strategic and technical support we can provide to help our customers truly scale their labeling business.

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