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Welcome to our How to buy as series, where we shine a light on personalities in the fashion industry and take a closer look at how they shop – think about all the best insider tips and tricks. This week, we chat with the inimitable stylist Tara Swennen on how to incorporate fall trends into your wardrobe.

If you don’t know Tara Swennen’s name, you’ve probably been aware of her influence. After helping Rachel Zoe and Andrea Lieberman, the LA-based stylist has built an esteemed reputation working with Kristen Stewart, Allison Janney, Lana Condor and many more. Needless to say, the woman knows how to dress a star. So we were delighted to find out how a great stylist approaches seasonal trends. Tip: It’s okay not to try all of them. Continue to discover her tips for (or not) incorporating this fall’s trends into your wardrobe.

Buy Tara’s Current Picks:

Fall trends she’s excited for:

Delicate fabrics inspired by the Roaring Twenties
Leopard print
Quilted down jackets
Sweaters Vests
Lavender and Lilac
imitation leather
Playful prints (especially in accessories)

How do you see the trends? How do you know if something matches your personal style?

“The most important rule I follow when it comes to trending is to make sure the trend is right for you. and Your body type! I am inspired by my environment, blogs, street style, fashion shows and magazines. Don’t be afraid to change your style, but make sure you stay true to who you are by leaning on your must-have basics in your wardrobe! Don’t just break the bank on trendy pieces that only last a season or two or don’t match your personal style. ”

What fall trends are you passionate about? Which do you think have power and will last more than a season?

“I love that lavender, lilac and pastel tones are ready for fall! It’s an unusual and whimsical trend for the end of the year, so I’m excited to work with them in a unique way! worn decades ago, I also love that sweater vests are making a comeback. However, I think this is a trend that may fade by next spring. ”

Photo: Courtesy of Jil Sander

tara swennen

Photo: Greg Kessler

tara swennen

Photo: Casper Sejerson

For those who work from home, what are some comfortable or zoom-friendly trends to try?

Accessories and fun prints are the easiest (and funniest) ways to amp up your Zoom fashion for fall. Experiment by mixing and matching fun prints and vibrant colors this fall or stacking accessories. that you might not normally wear! Add a headband, a trendy necklace or a little scarf for a little drama! ”

What kind of purchase is worth this season? Favorite places / brands to do it?

“This season I would invest in a flap bag. These are classic bullion coins that work well at any age! My favorite is the Chanel quilted flap bag, which is available on one of my resale sites. favorites, Rebag. I recommend taking advantage of sites like Repackage and The Real, which offer Affirm at checkout so you can invest in timeless pieces without paying all at once. Spreading the cost of purchases over time relieves my head and frees up money for the necessities that I need to cover now! ”

What’s a rough guide to ventilation in an ideal closet?

“A 70/30 ratio is ideal! 70% of your wardrobe should be your basics, and within that 25% should be your everyday capsule collection, in other words, your must-have classics that will make you feel your best for any occasion! The last 30% can be splurge on more trendy pieces that can come and go from season to season. ”

tara swennen

Photo: Courtesy of Tara Swennen

Have you ever hit a limit with trends? What should buyers be aware of here?

“The best advice I can give is just to find out what works well for you! For example, you will hardly ever find me in skinny jeans because they just don’t work on my figure! Find out which trends work well with them! or can amplify songs that you already have in your repertoire and if in doubt skip it. If it’s something fun that you want to give a quick spin, don’t invest a ton and know you still have it. possibility of reselling it on a resale platform so you have some cash on hand for your next trendy craze! ”

Should buyers be careful with in-season or off-season purchases if they are looking for discounts?

“Buyers need to be aware of the two biggest annual sales and when they happen. The first tends to be the midsummer or Labor Day weekend, and the second sale season is around Thanksgiving or between Christmas and New Years. These are times when retailers need to be. get rid of their merchandise to make room for new parts, so now is the best time to find good deals! However, of course, you can still find clearance rates on older or out of season parts throughout the year. ”

Any other trendy shopping tips to share?

“These days, in these uncertain times, it’s wise to spend your money wisely and on pieces that you either love or can’t live without. Invest in trendy pieces that you really see yourself wearing. for the foreseeable future. That being said, many of us have been in the rut for months, so if a little therapy is what it takes, by all means have fun and run with it! ”

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