How Mango mastered midlife style and became the store to beat on the high street

For years, I avoided Mango because I found his clothes too flashy, too tight or not really my style. But as of 2019, I find it to be the best-designed, best-designed brand on the high street, consistently churning out wearables that are fashionable without being intimidating. A white cotton dress and suede handbag I bought from the brand both got more compliments than almost any other piece I own.

The brand has also been notified behind the scenes. Mango invested £50million in transforming its online experience last year, and they’re talking about introducing a curated selection of third-party brands to sell alongside their own, such as Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi. “I think it’s smart, and it’s going to drive traffic, increase average cart value, and make his website a more global destination,” Roberts says. “They also have a great loyalty program where you earn points and get discounts – they were brave to double down on their strategy and keep innovating and investing instead of retreating.”

Mango also launched a plus size range, Violeta, and offered many other products in a wider range of sizes. “These are all integrated into the main website and not separated into a separate section, which is welcome,” says Roberts. “Their kids clothes are also just fashionable enough and they have great ranges from toddlers to teens. They make great capsules for mothers and daughters and siblings so it definitely comes across as a brand for the whole family.

That slightly European and Scandinavian aesthetic that the company does so well also translates into homeware, which is a growing sector. But Mango’s success is mostly down to the fact that it’s such a flexible brand – its collections cater to teens, mature women and older customers, as well as women of all sizes. ; some will wear their Mango pieces alongside luxury designer brands, while others will wear them with mainstream or vintage purchases.

Ultimately, the fact that Mango tripled its profits before the pandemic sends a particularly clear message to other brands: Ignore those midlife shoppers at your peril.

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