Hidden Valley Ranch Crocs: How to Buy the New Creamy Shoes

Ranch dressing can now be thought of as more than just a creamy sauce. Hidden Valley Ranch Crocs is officially the latest campaign in the shoe company’s expanding collaborations.

The ugly shoe trend has never been so cool, especially since model Heidi Klum has proven that Crocs are now, apparently, in fashion. For anyone who can’t have a meal without pouring a dab (or two) (or two) of ranch, then this collaboration is for you.

The comfy shoe brand has teamed up with Hidden Valley Ranch and streetwear label The Hundreds to create a ranch-inspired version of its classic clog. The result? Off-white fangs decorated with green speckles. They even come with Jibbitz food charms that you can dip in ranch dressing, like chicken nuggets, pizza, veggies, and fries.

If you are already eager to grab a pair of these naughty shoes, it won’t be as easy as clicking “add to cart”. For those who wish to wear their favorite condiment, the shoes will be available through Crocs drawing system. The lucky winners chosen will be able to purchase a pair of new Crocs for $ 70. The draw is open now but will end on September 20, 2021.

Saweetie wearing Hidden Valley Ranch x Crocs

(Image credit: Crocs)

Buyers can also increase their chances of scoring a pair of Hidden Valley Ranch Crocs by entering the American Rapper Contest Saweetie’s Instagram. The winner can potentially win a pizza, ranch dressing and a pair of the coveted Crocs for free.

This is not the first time that Crocs has partnered with a food brand. In the past, Crocs has partnered with fast food company KFC to create good “finger-licking” shoes (that even smelled like KFC). Sadly, for some, these Hidden Valley Ranch Crocs don’t have a gravy-inspired scent.

As comfy clothing increasingly dominates our wardrobes, Crocs has emerged as one of the top shoe brands for a wardrobe update, so get ready to kick back and relax in a pair. of ranch-inspired shoes.

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