Globe Business supports MSMEs in Mindanao with RUSH e-commerce solution

E-COMMERCE in the Philippines is booming as consumers shift to online shopping. In addition to acting as a new channel to serve new customers, e-commerce can replace the higher cost of renting, building, and training staff for a new physical store. It also allows for flexibility in fulfilling orders beyond normal store hours and enables businesses to continue operations if their physical locations are inaccessible or closed.

Yet, despite all these benefits, many micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) have failed to take advantage of the opportunity to expand their businesses and reach more customers.

A Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) survey released in February 2021 showed that 69.8% of businesses had not tried e-commerce. Of the 957,620 companies operating in 2020, 99.51% are MSMEs and 0.49% are large companies. This means that only around 285,000 MSMEs have bravely joined the e-commerce bandwagon.

DTI, however, wants to turn things around and help businesses, especially those in Mindanao, embrace digitalization.

“We envision an e-commerce revolution that involves the whole country and not just concentrated in Metro Manila. E-commerce opens up opportunities for businesses wherever they are, as in the case of Mindanao. It is time for entrepreneurs in this region to use technology to unleash their full potential,” said DTI-Davao Regional Director, Ms. Maria Belenda Q. Ambi.

Mindanao is a major growth area. For example, various industries regularly invest in the Davao region, which is positioned as one of the economic pillars of the country. After the 6th Davao Investment Conference 2021, Davao companies are also engaging in digitalization and technology adoption.

Zamboanga, on the other hand, is part of the Department of Information and Communications Technology’s Digital Cities Program and has already completed its five-year roadmap to create regionally relevant technology solutions that can be connected to a larger national and international ecosystem.

With these developments, MSMEs are expected to be able to take advantage of the opportunities in Mindanao to survive and thrive in the age of digitalization. One of the ways to innovate is through e-commerce.

For easier and faster adoption of e-commerce among MSMEs in Mindanao, Globe Business encourages entrepreneurs to take their business online.

“E-commerce is now an important business step, but moving in this direction can be overwhelming for some. Globe Business is here to make this change easy and painless, especially for our customers in Mindanao through our RUSH e-commerce solution” said Angie Po, product marketing manager for Globe Business MSME Group.

The RUSH e-commerce solution offers an end-to-end service to facilitate the entry of businesses into the digital space. It propels businesses from discovery to delivery through a branded website with comprehensive marketing, payment, logistics, engagement, loyalty, and marketplace functions.

To get full customer attention and control the customer experience, businesses would do well to have their own online store through RUSH. They can design a discovery experience or customer journey that best fits their brand and boost their existing online presence.

A RUSH online store makes it easier for customers to find a store and products online or offline and helps entrepreneurs get real-time access to all customers and in-store orders. Store owners can also create product variations and assign them to specific branches of the store for more organized inventory and to easily complete backorders.

Additionally, businesses can easily create options for payment, delivery, and even product categories. This allows customers to enjoy different convenient payment and sales fulfillment methods and even be notified of in-store promotions for a better end-to-end sales experience.

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