Forever 21’s Metaverse Enterprise Lets Roblox Users Customize Virtual Fashion Stores

Dive brief:

  • Forever 21, the fast fashion retailer owned by Authentic Brands Group, is taking the Roblox train with an exclusive partnership with the gaming platform, by a press release. It’s Forever 21 Shop City, where users and fashion influencers own and run stores as they strive to be the “best store”.
  • Users start with a ready-to-customize glass store and can earn points for expanding their store and adding options like custom exteriors with lights and architectural themes. Forever 21 Shop City offers four themed districts – entertainment, obstacle course, food court, and yellow carpet – where users can role-play, meet friends, discover rare hidden items, and build their community.
  • The retailer hopes to engage the popular platform’s players by gamifying fashion retail and encouraging them to express their individuality with “unprecedented customization options,” the statement said. Virtual Brand Group, a metaverse creation company, is also part of the effort.

Dive overview:

Forever 21 Shop City comes as a growing range of consumer products become available in the metaverse, like burritos, sneakers, and cars, mirroring the efforts of major brands to try to connect digital and real-world strategies and engage. young consumers who are familiar with games and are often averse to traditional advertising tactics.

As Forever 21 launches new collections in its physical and e-commerce stores, Forever 21 Shop City will simultaneously offer the ability to add the same merchandise to each store or purchase it for its Roblox avatar, reflecting the way buyers are increasingly leaping between the physical and digital realms. in the journey to make a purchase. December 21 will mark the first Forever 21 Day, a monthly promotion featuring new content and activities.

The fast fashion retailer is focused on using Roblox to build community by launching with some of the platform’s biggest forward-thinking content creators and influencers, depending on the version. Sam Jordan (@Builder_Boy) curated the Forever 21 Shop City fashion line in partnership with @Beeism, @OceanOrbsRBX, and @ JazzyX3, all of whom have created exclusive items for Forever 21 Shop City and collectively made millions in sales across the platform. Additionally, Forever 21 Shop City will feature stores personally designed by influencers such as KrystinPlays, Shaylo, and the Sopo Squad.

Users will run their store with real functionality including inventory, performing different jobs, assisting customers, operating cash register, hiring employees, and decorating their stores. Game features include the ability for store builders to pick and trade their locations anywhere in the game.

“Our goal is to broaden our interaction with customers, to expand our presence and our products in new ways,” said Katrina Glusac, director of merchandising at Forever 21, in a statement.

The retailer’s presence on Roblox follows similar strategies employed by top-notch marketers like Nike and Chipotle. Last month, Nike launched Nikeland, an interactive space inside the Roblox gaming platform representing the sportswear distributor’s biggest bet on the metaverse.

Vans and Hyundai are among the other companies experimenting with promotions on Roblox. A recent activation of Vans World which has similarities to Nikeland, such as online games and virtual trials, attracted over 40 million visits, the leaders declared.

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