Fashion company receives $8 million seed round

Viavia Corp., a West Hollywood-based early e-commerce platform, last week announced an $8 million seed round to launch a fashion retail destination for Gen Z shoppers. funding round was co-led by New Enterprise Associates and Basis Set Ventures, with participation from Exor Seeds, Backend Ventures and Andrew Ng’s AI fund. The funding follows a $1.15 million pre-seed round.

Viavia, which was founded in 2021, seeks to modernize the fashion e-commerce experience by combining live, short-form creator-focused video content with an end-to-end AI-powered technology infrastructure to the fashion supply chain.


“Fashion retail is undergoing a radical transformation,” said Sixuan Li, co-founder and chief executive of Viavia, in a statement. “Asian export-focused supply chains have warped the traditional timeline of an emerging wearable trend concept. To make sense of this speed and volume of production, Gen Z consumers expect brands to connect with them through authentic, creator-driven, video-driven content.

The fashion company believes that existing e-commerce platforms are ill-equipped to respond to this shift in consumer behavior and plans to change this paradigm by representing designers and influencers through an in-house talent team and by heavily indexing video and live streaming to bring brand stories to life.

According to the company, Viavia’s technology solution increases order flow to local manufacturers, reducing costs for brands and shortening production times.
Andrea Pasinetti, co-founder and chief engineering officer of Viavia, said in a statement that the company is launching an AI-powered “product lifecycle management” tool that will connect designers and brands with manufacturers. in Italy and beyond.

Viavia believes this infrastructure will effectively expand to other manufacturing hubs across Europe and result in record capital flows to global e-commerce supply chain and logistics companies, with the latter expected to reach 3 trillion dollars in 2028.

“Viavia has a big, bold vision to modernize luxury e-commerce for a new generation of consumers, by rethinking the entire value proposition, from supply chain to sales,” said Xuezhao Lan, Founder and Partner. director of Basis Set Ventures, in a statement.

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