Explore Ecommerce Markets to Help Customers Increase Sales


Ecommerce sales in India are booming with big companies like Amazon and Walmart-owned Flipkart, and new entrants in social commerce like Meesho vying for a bigger pie in the online space.

The market is huge, with India recording its highest festival sales on record in 2021, with sales worth $ 9 billion in October. That said, as multitudes across the country order billions worth of products online, they are also inundating electronic marketplaces with certain data points with every product they buy.

Delhi-based 1DigitalStack.ai captures these data points and trains machine learning models to help customers maximize sales. According to Rohit Anand, founder of the startup, he collects data from various markets around the world by “exploring 100 million data points per day with our in-house data science team.”

The company, which counts Nestlé and HP among its customers, uses its proprietary technology and data science to unravel the e-commerce “black box” and achieve metrics such as return on investment (ROI). These metrics are then used to help businesses maximize their sales.

Anand, who holds an MBA from INSEAD, worked with pharmaceutical companies in Europe and India such as Ranbaxy, Amgen, Sanofi and Biogen before launching 1DigitalStack.ai. He also founded Value Edge in 2008, a pharmaceutical analytics data analytics services company, and sold it to WNS Holdings for $ 20 million in 2016. Anand joined Singh, who has completed his MBA from FMS, and worked with fast- moving consumer goods companies (FMCGs) like ITC and Unilever. As they shared a similar vision, they teamed up to create 1DigitalStack.ai.

Both Anand and Singh believe that product markets are saturated, preventing buyers from having a “good” shopping experience. The company uses three factors – discoverability, purchasing ability and pricing – to arrive at the brand’s return on investment, according to Anand. “The epiphany we had when we started the company is that even for the biggest brands, they can’t do it on their own, because it requires technology and large-scale exploration,” says Anand. .

“On average, our customers are experiencing two to five times growth in sales and market share, and a 28% reduction in ad spend costs over a 6 month period on e-commerce platforms,” Singh said. .

1DigitalStack.ai’s competitors in this space include bigger companies like RateGain Travel Technologies Ltd., which was listed this month, and data analytics firm Tracxn which also plans to go public soon. .

Plus, funding is plentiful for the right candidates in this space. Meesho, for example, raised more than $ 800 million in 2021 alone and more than tripled its valuation to $ 4.9 billion this year.

1DigitalStack.ai, however, is “seeded and profitable,” according to Anand. Anand and Singh, with years of experience behind them, are convinced of potential fundraising and evaluations. They believe that as long as they are able to attract more clients, they don’t need to aggressively raise funds at high valuations. “For us, more than appraisals and the dollar amount of fundraising, what matters is that our clients refer us to others, and that’s how we’ve been able to get more and more customers since our beginnings ”, explains Anand.

However, the company is now planning to raise $ 2 million as it plans to expand into overseas markets. It generates income by selling its software – Revstack.ai, 25% of which comes from the markets of South East Asia and the rest of India. The duo want this ratio to reverse, as they plan to expand in Europe and the United States.

Anand also points out that Singh’s role as co-founder of 1DigitalStack.ai has been a blessing. “As a founder for the second time, one of my lessons was that the most critical decision if I had to look back was the choice of the co-founder. With the right co-founder, you can figure out where to take the bus – and you do it together. I was lucky to find in Tarun, an ideal co-founder who perfectly complements my strengths, ”he concludes.


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