Entrepreneur Jael Roumain is disrupting modern e-commerce with MuurSwagg – The UBJ

While e-commerce has been dominated by big companies and precocious companies like FashionNova, every once in a while an exciting new company comes along to overturn industry norms and create a new niche in the market – much like owned to blacks, led by women. online retailer MuurSwagg. MuurSwagg is a multi-million dollar e-commerce company run by fashion entrepreneur Jael Roumain. Romanian, who is breaking demographic barriers as a successful e-commerce brand founder, is undeniably disrupting the modern e-commerce industry with her popular brand. Under Romanian’s watchful leadership and eye for fashion, MuurSwagg merges conventional pieces with a contemporary twist that offers customers unique, fashion-forward clothing they can’t find elsewhere, while catering to the local community. along the way.

Designers like Roumain have helped push the boundaries of fashion by offering fresh styles not otherwise commonly found on the market, including modern takes on traditional African clothing from Roumain’s heritage. This has helped MuurSwagg attract a loyal following of fans who appreciate the brand’s creativity and authenticity, especially among the black community. In addition to creating sought-after apparel, Roumain and MuurSwagg care deeply about their customer base, hosting local events with the goal of positively impacting their audience.

Currently based in Miami, Florida, Roumain and MuurSwagg are committed to hosting annual awareness events to give back to their surrounding community, especially during covid-19, where Roumain feels it’s more important than ever to give back and to feel connected to each other during times of trial and isolation. Hosting annual Swagg Bag events, where customers are encouraged to express their purchases by grabbing as much merchandise as they can within two minutes, and other holiday-themed events, Romanian aims to foster positivity and warmth in the local black community through MuurSwagg’s outreach projects.

Romanian’s strong ties to his community are evident from the origin of the MuurSwagg name, as “muur” translates to “the original people of the land” in the ancient language of the indigenous Wichita people. With her work at MuurSwagg, Romanian is helping to pave the way for international recognition for women and women of color in the growing global e-commerce market. These advancements have been vital to the fashion industry as they help break down the barriers that have traditionally kept many deserving women of color from succeeding in this field. By establishing themselves as leaders in this field on par with retail giants like PrettyLittleThing and FashionNova, Romanian and MuurSwagg are paving the way for other women entrepreneurs and minorities to follow in their footsteps and achieve great things. in the world of e-commerce.

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