Emerging black designers from Harlem’s Fashion Row at NYFW 2021

The Harlem Fashion Line hosted its 14th annual fashion show at New York Fashion Week, revealing the collections of emerging black designers. This season focuses on Charles Harbison from Harbison Studio (with his new collaboration for Banana Republic), Shawn Pean of June79, imaginative and experiential streetwear brand Stage, and Johnathan hayden, which designs tailored luxury clothing for underrepresented women; each designer received an Icon360 grant from HFR. On the evening of Tuesday, September 7, the HFR fashion show kicked off with industrial style awards, recognizing Zerina Akers as stylist of the year and Christopher John Rogers as designer of the year, and awarding the model Liya kebede with the fashion icon award, to name a few of the honors.

Ahead of the event, POPSUGAR spoke with the founder of Harlem’s Fashion Row Brandice daniel and emerging runway designers on their mission, which is really just to foster a mutually beneficial relationship where collection reveals and often even collaborations with retailers are possible. Brandice explained that she is looking for high potential designers with clear brand positioning, e-commerce capabilities and, above all, character. By working with them, she gives them the platform to tell their stories and show their work on the annual track, propelling them into the limelight and helping them establish their careers.

Brandice cites African-American fashion designer Lois K. Alexander-Lane, founder of the Black Fashion Museum, as the inspiration for her HFR project, which was launched the year Lois died, 2007. She has the feeling like continuing the work Lois started. , with the support of his mentor and first advisor, Audrey Smaltz, member of the board of directors of HFR. “She was the first person to believe in me and what I was doing from an industry perspective,” Brandice said of Smaltz. “I remember she said, ‘A lot of people have tried what you do before, but I think you’re going to be successful.’ His vote of confidence from the start was invaluable. ”

Coming up, see what the talented black designers who showcased at this season’s NYFW are bringing to the fashion industry, and find out how Brandice’s Harlem’s Fashion Row stood up for them.

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