E-commerce start-up ‘Gharobaar’ promotes ‘Vocal for Local’

Gharobaar, an exclusive market place for children homegrown brands and home businesses have announced its launch.

the e-commerce The platform, with the brand tagline “Ghar Se Ghar Tak”, aspires to connect unknown small home businesses with potential buyers online and further contribute and support the growing “Make In India” economy.

The brand name “Gharobaar” was coined with the words “ghar” meaning home and “karobaar” meaning business, reflecting the e-commerce startup’s clear vision to provide an exclusive platform for local businesses and connect them to environmentally conscious consumers who want it. to support small entrepreneurs and buy handmade or small-batch products. Currently, the website has over 5,000 products listed in 8 main categories – Fashion, Grocery, Home, Personal Care, Lifestyle, Kids Corner, Arts, Stationery, and Gifts & Holidays.

Sakshi Aggarwal, Founder of Gharobaar said, “My vision for Gharobaar is to contribute effectively to the government’s #MakeInIndia and #VocalforLocal initiatives, nurturing entrepreneurial ventures from budding local talent and staying true to our roots. Also, sharing our vast artisanal culture, from house to house, is an important vision of our brand.’

Aditya Gupta, co-founder of Gharobaar, further added, “We had the chance to speak with many home-based entrepreneurs and get insight into their interesting journeys and the challenges they face. The lack of a single platform for these artisanal products also struck us. We saw a clear opportunity to have a positive social impact which ultimately led to Gharobaar.

Gharobaar’s USP is that every product is handmade and produced locally by a local company. Sellers can sell products at their preferred rates and ways of working and with their own identity, making it a unique social marketplace for small businesses.

Sakshi added, “The pandemic has given many people a huge opportunity to start a home business like cooking, knitting, painting, etc. But they could only sell by word of mouth or social networks. Most lacked the bandwidth to market themselves and promote their brand on a larger scale. The idea behind the creation of Gharobaar is to provide a trusted platform for these sellers to sell and market their products and earn a respectable living. Recognizing products that are culturally rich, environmentally friendly, or unique to the mainstream market, forms the foundation of Gharobaar.

The platform is currently dominated by female-led businesses from Tier 1 and Tier ll cities, reflecting the strong potential for female entrepreneurship in our country. The products listed on Gharobaar are varied and meet all requirements.

Gharobaar is a seeded start-up, seeking angel and institutional investors to further develop its products and services. The startup also plans to expand its services and partner with statewide home cooks, tarot readers, home tutors, music teachers, astrologers and more in the coming months.

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