Dubai honored as Luxury & Retail Fashion Hub

Step into the charming destination of Dubai and you’ll find global traction for every brand in the fashion and retail sector. From dazzling local designers to chic haute couture, vintage collections and the latest trends to luxury pieces, the best of the lot are finding a deserved presence in Dubai.

With good reason, Dubai is in the spotlight as the luxury fashion hub of the world. Apart from providing the opportunity to buy everything to the multitude of Dubai-based shoppers and tourists, Dubai also offers many large-scale events for the fashion and retail industry to thrive.

Events such as the Dubai Shopping Festival not only provide a huge opportunity for shoppers to find a myriad of collections in one place, but also boost the fashion and retail industry.

Statista Market Forecast forecast revenue of US$2,337 million in 2021, growing at an annual growth rate of 11.88% through 2025 to reach a forecasted market volume of US$3,662 million, for the fashion and retail industry in the United Arab Emirates. Retail trade suffered a 12% decline during the pandemic. However, the digitization of the industry has been rapid and online sales transactions have doubled since 2019 to around 30% in February 2021. Many consumer market studies have signaled a renaissance in the fashion industry and retail across the UAE, even after the devastating effects of the pandemic. So why is Dubai the hub of the fashion and retail industry? Why is Dubai’s retail and fashion industry looking forward to a post-pandemic revival so quickly and effectively?

Dubai is home to many fashion brands, from world-renowned fashion mavens to lesser-known up-and-coming designers. It is also home to the world’s largest retail mall. The government has put in place various policies and strategies that encourage tourism and foreign and local spending habits. This facilitates and provides more opportunities for new outlets to set up in Dubai, as well as for existing ones to develop well.

There are also huge multi-brand stores that not only carry high-end or luxury fashion, but also emerging and new designers. This reinforces optimism in retail and fashion. From concept stores with expertly curated artistic lifestyle options, to huge global events that provide an opportunity for every fashion and retail hierarchy to mingle, Dubai offers a variety of retail and fashion to designers like no other.

This is why one often finds internationally renowned designers such as Kat Von D, Dior, Chanel, Armani and others opening their flagship stores and outlets in Dubai. The Chanel Cruise 2021/22 collection testifies that Dubai is the Mecca of shopping. The show, by creative director Virginie Viard, was first unveiled virtually in May due to the coronavirus pandemic, but was first shown to live audiences in Dubai in November 2021. Dubai is the witness of events and fashion shows throughout the year.

The Dubai Shopping Festival organizes one of its most important annual events, the Etisalat Market Outside the Box (MOTB), which provides a huge platform for designers from all over the world to showcase their collections and exhibitions. It mixes a nice cocktail of live entertainment, experiential dining and retail, which makes the buzz around the event all the more enticing. Designers such as Ayesha Depala, Varoin Marwah, VMXV and others are among the designers associated with MOTB.

Dubai is known for its trending retail outlets and boutiques. Places like The Cartel, which is an art gallery and boutique, offer a unique shopping experience that combines fashion-forward global names with hard-to-find cult designers. Here, the shopping experience is all about engaging the customer in constant discovery and tailored vision. Dubai also has boutiques that offer lifestyle shopping experiences.

Bringing the joy of holistic luxury to life, Bayt Damas is a complete and unique experiential journey that combines art, luxury fashion, including accessories in one exquisite platter. Indian fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee has set up his collections in a special room dedicated to him, along with Graff and Scott West, at Bayt Damas, bringing royal Indian craftsmanship to Dubai. Influences and inspirations from across the city can be found in the creations of many global and local designers in Dubai.

The fact that Dubai outlets showcase the eclectic and majestic collections of local designers as well as global icons is proof that Dubai is not just a spectator but a creative player in the global fashion and fashion industry. retail.

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