Depop Charity Seller Program to develop clothing resale

The Fashion Market Depop app is launching a dedicated Charity Vendor Depop program to help charity stores build successful online businesses in their market. The new Charity Selling program will provide charities on Depop with tools, resources, exclusive offers and personalized assistance to effectively operate the platform as an e-commerce channel.

This follows a period of significant growth for charitable e-commerce. The volume of charity store listings on Depop has grown almost 600% since the UK lockdown began in March 2020. According to data from the Charity Retail Association (the organization of the charity store industry), the store Average UK charity lost over £ 33,000 in income when main streets were closed during the third lockdown.

Some of the most successful charity sellers on Depop include:

  • British Heart Foundation – @thebhf

    Offering a trendy collection of second-hand fashion ranging from accessories to retro sportswear and vintage wedding dresses, to fund heart and circulatory disease research

  • Oxfam Festival Shop – @oxfamfestivalshop

    Sell ​​vintage and second-hand festival clothes to raise funds for Oxfam’s global work against poverty

  • Hospice Demelza – @demelzahospice

    Specializing in used bargains, from designer handbags to classic clothing. Funds raised provide specialist care and support for children with severe or terminal illness, and their families, in Kent, East Sussex and South East London

  • Traid – @traid

    Sell ​​streetwear, vintage and labels, to fund work that combats the negative impacts of clothing manufacturing, consumption and waste. Worldwide shipping.

“The pandemic has prompted many charities to turn to online sales, and we believe there is an incredible opportunity to capitalize on this as the popularity of second-hand fashion continues to grow. By using platforms like Depop, charities can reach a much larger audience with a more extensive offering than in their stores. 73% of unwanted clothing is still incinerated or landfilled – together with the charitable sector, we are advocating for a wider audience to buy and sell second-hand clothing as an undeniably better option for the planet and its people.

We’re passionate about helping our salespeople succeed, and this program aims to encourage charities to thrive online by keeping them at the forefront of the latest trends and sharing ideas on digital merchandising.
– Rachel Swidenbank, Vice President of Sales at Depop

Support for the Depop Charity Seller Program

Participants in the new Depop Charity Seller program will be able to access support in the form of:

  • Advice on trending categories and in-demand items

    Regular updates on the most popular brands, styles and items on Depop and among the Gen Z audience, so you know what shoppers are looking for

  • Personalized support

    Access to an online community of ad experts and other charitable sellers, who can help support your store as it grows – with tips, advice, and Q&A

  • Exclusive offers and discounts

    Special opportunities for charity sellers to complete registration challenges and earn incentives or free fee periods

  • Promotion in the Depop app

    The opportunity to participate in regular “drops” from charity sellers, promoted to Depop users

  • Integration

    Tutorials and guides to introduce best practices for success

Charities wishing to register a new Depop store can send an email [email protected] to get in touch with a team member.

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