Crypto-Free Comearth Metaverse for E-Commerce by NFTICALLY – All the Details

The creator of the NFT marketplace, NFTICALLY, has announced the launch of the world’s first e-commerce metaverse ecosystem – Comearth, which will operate without crypto. Businesses and individuals planning to open their own stores in the Metarverse could use this platform. All they have to do is buy land in the metaverse and build whatever they want on it.

In an exclusive interaction with ahead of the launch announcement, NFTically Founder and CEO Toshendra Sharma said that Comearth will provide the opportunity to open a storefront in the metaverse to all types of brands and direct-to-customer (D2C) companies.

Sharma said Comearth is like a fusion of Shopify and Amazon in the metaverse where users can open their storefront through a DIY (DIY) interface and sell products or generate leads by giving customers an immersive 3D experience.

“On Comearth, anyone can launch their e-commerce metaverse storefront through our DIY interface. Businesses can buy land on our metaverse and then build a 3D structure on it. Everything will be provided by our interface. their own products that they want to sell,” Sharma said.

What is special about Comearth?

Comearth seeks to address some typical issues associated with the various metaverse platforms around the plus. Most of them revolve around events or games and require some kind of crypto tokens for various activities. Even though companies in India are excited to explore the metaverse ecosystem as a new channel for growth, there is no such thing as an easy-to-integrate platform.

“Companies are looking for metrics, certain signals that they can get from the metaverse in order to refine their business strategy, which the market is completely lacking. small businesses across the country,” Sharma said.

Indian companies are also wary of trading cryptos due to regulatory constraints, and are therefore hesitant to do business in the metaverse. With Coearth, NFTically also aims to solve this problem.

“Brands have so many problems with cryptocurrency trading in India. On Coearth, they won’t have to touch cryptocurrency to be in the metaverse. It’s not a cryptocurrency thing It’s more of a blockchain technology and a Web 3 thing,” Sharma said.

Brands already on board

Some of the publicly traded brands have already decided to open their storefronts or experience centers on the Comearth metaverse. These include CEAT Tyres, Mafatlal Industries and Metro Brands.

“In the next 2-3 months, we hope that Coearth will be available in private beta for some brands. We already have some brands that have finalized their presence. These are mainly public companies like Mafatlal industries, Metro Brands, Ceat Tyre. We are now working with them to create an experience in an immersive 3D environment for them in our metarvese,” said Sharma.

How will Comearth work?

Companies will first have to buy their land in Coearth. They can build their store or their experience centers above the ground. Everything will be available via a DIY interface.

Sharma said there were 235,000 plots of land in Comearth, with the smallest unit measuring 1×1 (or 900 square meters). The cost of purchasing the smallest unit of land in Comearth will only be $200.

Customers could experience the Coearth store even without VR headsets on a browser or via mobile.

“After you buy land, you can open anything on it as long as it meets certain guidelines. You can generate leads, sell digital and phygital products. You can also pivot all your sales into your existing sales channel,” Sharma said.

“Each store owner will have their own complete control over this metaverse. They can define their own analyses, control structure and appearance, or decide who can enter, who cannot, and measure everything at their own level,” he added.

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