Considered Ethereum’s “killer”, Solana suffers fourth outage this year – Cardano (ADA/USD), Ethereum (ETH/USD)

The Solana network SOL/USD stopped processing transactions and went offline on Friday due to a misconfigured node, marking the blockchain’s fourth major outage since January, when it experienced a succession of partial outages for most of that month.

A year has passed since an outage of around 18 hours in September last year.

Meanwhile, SOL, the ninth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, fell 81% in 2022 due to the bearish phase the crypto market is facing.

The Solana Foundation’s Solana Status website said Friday evening at 7:01 p.m. EST that the network was “proving degraded performance” and that Solana engineers were trying to identify the problem.

The network “is experiencing an outage and not processing transactions,” Solana said shortly after.

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What caused the disturbance?

Solana validator behind tweeted about the outage, saying, “It appears that a misconfigured node has caused an unrecoverable partition in the network. Validators, please help find consensus on relevant data.”

According to Stakewiz, the Solana codebase was intended to fix the problem, but for some reason it resulted in an irreversible split or fork.

According to them, the incorrect setting was unintentional and was likely a faulty node failover configuration.

The Solana mainnet was taken over by the developers at the last confirmed slot, 153139220.

Solana had been down for 2 hours and 45 minutes and the reboot was 49% complete.

What is Solana’s position on her breakdowns?

A request for comment on this outage from Benzinga was not immediately met with a response from Solana Labs.

While Solana executives have argued over different estimates of the total number of outages in the past, the founder Anatoly Yakovenko said earlier this month that outages have been “our curse” and pointed out that the Bitcoin blockchain has sometimes in the past spent hours between two blocks.

Solana is a well-known blockchain for creating non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, and decentralized applications.

It is one of many smart contract blockchains touted as “Ethereum killers”.

Solana has become the third largest proof-of-stake blockchain – after Ethereum ETH/USD and Gimbal ADA/USD – by market size since Ethereum transitioned to proof-of-stake on September 15.

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