clothing store clerk detained for harassing girls | Indore News

Indore: Sarafa police have registered a case of harassment against a salesperson in a clothing store on the complaint of a 19-year-old girl.
According to the police, the complainant had gone to buy clothes with her mother in a clothing store in Shakkar Bazaar area on the Saturday where the incident took place. While making her try on a dress, the accused touched her inappropriately. Earlier, she felt it might be a mistake and told her mother about it, but then she discussed it with her friend and they went to the store again to check if the accused was a repeat offender.
By showing the dress to the complainant’s friend, the accused also harassed her, thus confirming their doubts. The two girls yelled at him and immediately went to Sarafa police station where a case was registered against the accused. The police immediately arrested the accused and took him to court from where he was sent to prison.
Head of Sarafa Police Station Sunil Sharma stated that the accused had been convicted of harassment and violation of SC/ST law.
It also emerged that the girls had to wait for some time as there was no policewoman to note their complaint at the police station.
Only after a female cop was called from Chhatripura police station, a case was recorded and statements were taken privately, sources said.


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