Christchurch retail worker quits after anti-vax abuse complaints


A Christchurch retail worker quit after complaints she abused people in line for Covid-19 vaccination.

According to a complainant, the woman walked along the queue outside a drugstore on Papanui Rd, Merivale on Friday, shouting and taunting those in line.

Lisa, who asked to be identified by first name only, said the woman then calmly entered the nearby Dear No One clothing store.

After receiving her callback, Lisa walked over to Dear No One where the woman could be seen serving a customer.

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As word of the incident spread, complaints were filed on the store’s Facebook page, as well as via email to the company.

A Christchurch retail worker has resigned after complaints of anti-vax abuse.

Tom Lee / Stuff

A Christchurch retail worker has resigned after complaints of anti-vax abuse.

Dear No-One owner Robyn McKenzie was not at work Friday and said she was “stunned” when she took to Facebook.

“I was so wild. This is absolutely not my opinion or that of my company and all my staff had indicated that they were vaccinated so it was a real shock. “

McKenzie responded to the complaints before contacting the affected worker to set up a meeting.

However, by Saturday morning, she had received an apology and the worker’s resignation, with immediate effect.

McKenzie said the woman had worked for her for about six months and there had been no complaints about her before.

“I couldn’t ignore something like that or work with someone who thought it was OK,” she said.

“I just want to apologize again to everyone who has been affected by this.”


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