Chinese e-commerce spawns new models to boost consumption

New consumption patterns are evolving in China’s e-commerce industry, with social media platforms offering specialized online shopping services to attract more consumers, injecting vitality into the country’s online retail sales.

Traditionally, buyers would first search for goods and then place orders on online shopping platforms, but social media platforms have brought another way to attract customers.

The “interest e-commerce” mode on Douyin, China’s short video and e-commerce platform, has shown the potential to attract potential buyers with its video and streaming content.

In this mode, while watching a live stream on Douyin, users may come across videos featuring products that pique their interest. By simply tapping the screen, they can go to a shopping webpage to purchase the products shown in the video, creating a seamless shopping experience.

The “interest e-commerce” mode does not neglect the quality of goods but rather arouses users’ interest in them. The more dynamic approach also grants the products greater visibility and strengthens their brand image, according to Douyin.

Thanks to this mode of purchase, in April 2022, the number of users shopping on Douyin increased by 69%, the search for goods jumped by 217% and the repurchase rate increased by 76%, all on an annual basis. .

Kuaishou, another Chinese short video platform, has also developed its e-commerce strategy with a unique user community. Here, live chat rooms serve as a connection point between consumers and store owners.

“In live chat rooms, store owners can quickly understand consumer demands and interests, as well as introduce goods and services,” said Wang Yiqing, who works with Kuaishou.

“Hosts, consumers and livestream store owners share their daily lives and are drawn to communities they feel familiar with. Accessible communication and a sense of participation are more appealing than simple product description web pages,” Wang added.

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