ChargeSentry puts an end to the loss of income of online merchants by automatically responding and getting chargebacks.

“Coming from the e-commerce industry, we discovered quite quickly that responding to an increasing number of chargebacks was quite painful, time consuming, and never really resulted in a good return on your investment, even on a small scale. We have developed ChargeSentry to meet the growing needs of merchants facing challenges in responding to and earning chargebacks. Basically, we provide an easy-to-use chargeback response service that even the smallest or most novice of merchants could use, ”says Jack shenon, CEO and Founder of ChargeSentry.

Millions of merchants around the world lose billions of dollars every year to chargebacks, and a significant portion of those chargebacks never get recovered because the merchant never responds to them.

Research shows that over 60% of small and mid-sized merchants completely ignore chargeback responses or fail to provide effective responses, resulting in low chargeback recovery rates.

Jack shenon goes on to say, “There’s no reason merchants consider chargebacks just another business expense. We created ChargeSentry to eliminate merchant effort and put an end to their loss of chargeback revenue ”.

About ChargeSentry

ChargeSentry takes the friction out of small and mid-sized merchants to stop losing and recoup more revenue from their chargebacks, automatically.

ChargeSentry eliminates the challenge many merchants have of responding to chargebacks with instant integration, transparent monthly pricing without long contracts, and automatically responds to chargebacks so the merchant can focus on their business.


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