Carla Zampatti scholarship to promote future designers

Fotis Kapetopoulos, then head of the Multicultural Arts Professional Development Program (MAPD), now a journalist at Neos Cosmosrecalled his time with the late Carla Zampatti AC during a delegation to China in 2006 organized by the Australian Multicultural Foundation (AMF).

“Carla Zampatti was extraordinarily elegant, graceful and very intelligent, she worked hard to establish business links between the emerging independent Chinese fashion and design industry in China and Australia,” he said.

“She was also a strong supporter of multiculturalism and sought to promote the talents of culturally diverse Australians.”

As part of the recognition of her work in promoting multiculturalism and innovation, the AMF launched the Carla Zampatti Scholarship last week.

Sofia Abel, 19, has been announced as the winner of the Australian Multicultural Foundation’s inaugural Carla Zampatti Scholarship for Young Women. The scholarship was announced at the Museo Italiano de Carlton.

Mrs. Abel, the young designer, will have $10,000 to help extend the sustainability qualities of her handmade clothing business, Cienti The Label.

This will allow Ms. Abel to set up the commendable branch of her collection to further reduce the environmental footprint and improve her business acumen.

Alexander Schuman, son of Carla and CEO of Carla Zampatti Fashion, said he was “delighted that Sofia has won the first Carla Zampatti scholarship”.

“Her story is so much like my mother’s and Sofia shows a spirited entrepreneurial spirit and steely determination that belies her age.”

He said his determination has allowed him to overcome all the language and cultural barriers that exist for non-English speaking migrants.

“Sofia has a very bright future and I’m sure she will be a trailblazer for the next generation of young businesswomen,” Schuman said.

Dr Hass Dellal OA the Director of MFA talks to Neos Cosmossaid the winner’s story is no different from fellowship inspiration, the late Carla Zampatti AC.

“Sofia immigrated to Australia from Bolivia with her parents when she was eight years old, with no English or community.

“Just nine years later, at just 17, this savvy digital native launched her designs on Tik Tok and Instagram, which helped her grow a community of conscious consumers.”

The teenage entrepreneur’s mindset was to build the antithesis of today’s fast fashion e-commerce brands, which are notoriously inexpensive but doubtfully harmful to the environment. .

Sofia was one of three finalists who submitted community-focused business plans. The Distinction Award went to humanitarian refugee from Togo, West Africa, Natacha Adanlessossi, who runs an Afro hair business, Afro – Hair by Natacha, from her home in Ballarat.

Natacha will receive $5,000 to purchase more hair styling products for her business and undertake mentorship to increase her digital, technological and financial savvy. And an honor was given to humanitarian refugee from Iraq, Raneen Shamon, 22, who runs art workshops in Sydney. Its price includes mentoring organized by the AMF.

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