Bridgerton’s second season inspired Bloomingdale’s pop-up store

Bridgerton Season 2 will premiere on March 25. To celebrate, Bloomingdales, an American chain of department stores, has prepared pop-up store, called the carousel. The novelty will bring a special curatorship with pieces referring to the plot of Netflix.

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The temporary location will be open from March 3 to May 16, 2022. Place will be Flagship Bloomingdale’s at 59th Street in the Manhattan borough of New York City. Hey e-commerce the label There will also be innovation with clothing, beauty and home products.

Flowers are the highlight of the collection created by stylist Tracy Reese. The capsule was developed by the designer specifically for the Bridgeton Carousel. The dresses, as well as the pants, dresses and blouses, were inspired by the style of the series and the characters.

“We had styles that I already thought would work well. It was all about going into this Bridgerton palette, which is made up of orchids, blues, and pinks,” Reese explained to WWD. “What we’ve created looks fresh, beautiful, modern, but has a hint of Bridgerton sensibility.”

between the pieces that will be in pop-up store, there are also collections previously launched in partnership with the series, such as shoes by the Malone Souliers brand; Beekman Soap 1802 packaged in Lady Whistledown Social News; and fine ceramics Cooperation Wedgwood versus Sheila Bridges. Bloomingdales will carry products from brands including Markarian, Lord Jones, Aqua, Selkie, Annette Ferdinandson and Cult Gaia.

As part of the Carousel Project, Bloomingdales will open a pop-up store In honor of Bridgerton, from March 3 to May 16
Hope for Flowers by Bloomingdale's Bridgerton by Tracy Reese
The Hope for Flowers collection created by stylist Tracy Reese is in the spotlight
Hope for Flowers by Bloomingdale's Bridgerton by Tracy Reese
The designer has developed pieces inspired by the plot, which will also be on sale via e-commerce.
pieces of porcelain
Wedgwood x Sheila Pull porcelain pieces for Bloomingdale’s temporary space
Bridgerton Inspired Soap
Bridgerton X Beekman 1802 Soap

Bridgerton executive producer Shonda Rhimes celebrates Bloomingdale’s initiative. “We knew from the start that Bridgerton would be an important focal point for the clothing and fashion channel, and it was a great pleasure for the fans to adopt them and integrate them into their own style,” he acknowledged. in a press release. .

Frank Berman, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Bloomingdale’s, said the temporary store will be an immersive retail action that combines fashion and entertainment. “When you think of Bridgerton, their audience is in their 20s to 40s. It’s like “Gossip Girl meets Jane Austen”. Our best customers also watch the show, and it’s a good mix.

To complete the experience, the windows of Flagship Bloomingdale’s will present a Bridgeton-inspired screening featuring seven unique original costumes from season one, premiering in the United States. Between the actions there are also tea tastings and a string quartet playing live.

Bridgerton's heroes
Bridgerton is a Netflix hit
Extract from season 2 of Bridgeton
There will be new characters in the second season
Extract from season 2 of Bridgeton
Members of high society are eager to discover the identity of Lady Whistledown, an anonymous writer who drives local gossip.
Extract from season 2 of Bridgeton
Bridgeton’s new season kicks off March 25


Inspired by Julia Quinn’s books, The Bridgerton Series was released by Netflix in December 2020. Created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes, the series is set in 19th century London, UK.

In the first season, the plot centered on the trajectory of Daphne (Phoebe Danever), the eldest daughter of the traditional family that gives the plot its name. In the second phase, the storyline will focus on Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey), who is looking for a wife until Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley) and her younger sister Edwina (Charita Chandran) arrive in India.

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