Bondi Born, First Nations Fashion & Design among the brands to open in a new “evolving concept store”

Four emerging Australian fashion brands are set to open in stores for the first time, thanks to a partnership between Chatswood Chase Sydney, the Australian Fashion Council (AFC) and Afterpay.

The “Edit Collection” is a concept store that will present the brands Bondi Born, My General Store, First Nations Fashion & Design and Esse Studios from November 2021 to July 2022.

“Edit Collection is a scalable concept store, leveraging new technologies to create an immersive and experiential retail store,” AFC said in a statement.

“Selected for their durability, creativity and innovative designs, these four brands are a celebration of Australian fashion and culture,” said the organization.

The store was designed by Sydney-based designer and art director Kyle Jonsson, and comes equipped with fully recyclable hangers made from recycled marine plastics, ocean plastics and post-consumer plastics.

Brands will also be able to access continuing education resources from human resources and in-store merchandising experts.

Edit Collection launched with Bondi Born, followed by My General Store in February 2022, First Nations Fashion & Design in May 2022 and Esse Studios in July 2022.

Edit Collection x Bondi Born opened on November 03.

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