Best Silver Rings To Buy Now

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Does anyone else end up on Instagram for a moment, then suddenly on a fashion brand’s website clicking “add to cart” apparently two milliseconds later? I could tell you (and my bank account), the pattern is derived from unknown phenomena, through no fault of my own, or I could just present it as is: via Instagram. But can you blame me? Between frequently discovering new fashion designers (fashion editor’s life), sharing paparazzi photos of the most stylish celebrities, and spotting a cool piece when influencers or even my fashion-conscious peers post on their own accounts, it’s all about it. just hard not to “get had”. My last obsession, thanks to the ‘gram? Silver rings. But not just any rings (I’m sorry, but I’m definitely above standard croissant styles etc). I mean the funkiest, unorthodox, yet wearable styles I can find.

As someone who swore to give up silver jewelry in college, it took the perfect storm to pique my interest in anything but expanding my collection of gold rings. So it wasn’t just Kylie jenner and her best friend Stassie Karanikolaou bearing the emerging Canadian brand Steff Eleoff on repeat – although it was largely, and others like Olivia Rodrigo wore the mark as well. But in a way, trying something new for myself, even something as small as changing the color of my jewelry, feels like my version of post-pandemic dress-up. I’ve largely left minimalism in 2020 (a strong claim I know), and while delicate gold rings and the like feel great in this alley, there’s a contrast in your face about the bulky silver. , geometric or abstract accessories from young experimental jewelry designers. Plus, pieces look great alongside other vibrant elements like psychedelic print long sleeve tops and boldly colored statement outfits in general.

I started my new collector hobby with Hannah jewett Soft Droplet ring, and I have no regrets. I had already started to pay my attention to the little designers who make their products by hand and after feeling how sturdy the brand’s rings are (the one I bought is almost heavy compared to the rings made in factory that I own – impressively, rather than in an awkward way), I am officially converted. Of course, I also grabbed the Sedona and FF002 rings from Steff Eleoff (getting that “order shipped” email was the highlight of my day today). Coming up, here are a few of the styles that I already love in my collection, as well as some that I have an eye on (the more the merrier, seriously). Get ready to layer them up and stand out.

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