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FAST-RISING ARTIST Babo, on Friday January 14, received a huge gift from his parents as they opened a brand new fashion boutique to support the artist throughout his music career.

“Babo, our newest born, has proven her love for Rwanda as a country and since her dream was to have a business in her homeland, my husband and I decided to make it happen. It will be there to support her in her music without always expecting to be given money for everything,” Sandrine Horn Murorunkwere, Babo’s mother, told The New Times.

Murorunkwere revealed that her daughter is growing up in the music industry. She added that although they are offering this business to Babo, it does not mean that all the financial support they gave to the singer as parents will stop.

“We can’t stop supporting our child. The financial support will always be there because we know that quality music requires a lot of money, we will always be there for her but this time it will be easy if she tends to manage her business well.

For Babo, it has been a blessing. She told The New Times that she would do everything in her power to properly manage this business: “I’m so lucky to have these kind of parents. I will not only use this opportunity in my music but also in my daily life and I strongly believe that this will turn into a big business that will create other businesses and job opportunities for some people as well.I love Rwanda and wanted to do business here.Special thanks to God and to my parents who made this possible. I will put love into it and make the best of it.

Born Barbara Teta Horn, Babo said that just like her mother, she had a sense of fashion and loved seeing quality fashion trends. This will therefore be an opportunity for her to experience it more.

Sahorn Shop is located in Kigali, Rwanda. They started with women’s bags and shoes from Germany and soon they will include men’s products like shoes and accessories.

“It’s the beginning. We just want to train our daughter to get used to business and see her progress so that we can do bigger things with her,” Babo’s mother said.

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