Amazon Has Been Overtaken By Three Ecommerce Competitors You’ve Never Heard Of


Although Amazon continues to dominate the ecommerce market in the United States, foreign competitors have now overtaken the company when it comes to application installs on the global stage.

According to new data from Apptopia’s real-time data intelligence platform, the e-commerce giant came in fourth place in shopping app installs globally this year. That’s quite a change from last year, when Amazon had the most app installs in the world.

The reason Amazon has fallen from # 1 to # 4 this year in the world is because its emerging competitors are all doing things a little differently and have carved out a niche for themselves in their respective niches.

Amazon Upgrade in App Installs

The three e-commerce companies that have managed to outperform Amazon in app installs this year are Shopee, Shein and Meesho, according to a new blog post from Apptopia.

Singapore-based Shopee led the way with 203 million downloads and the company serves both Southeast Asian and Latin American markets. Meanwhile, China-based Shein came in second with 190 million downloads and the company is a growing force in the fast fashion market. Finally, India-based Meesho specializing in social e-commerce in fashion and home products took third place with 153 million downloads.

While Shopee, Shein and Meesho may have eclipsed Amazon on the global stage in terms of app downloads, the e-commerce giant’s app remained the most downloaded in the shopping category in the United States according to the ranking of ‘Apptopia.

Amazon has a hold on the U.S. e-commerce market, but company executives have continued to argue to regulators that its small share of the global retail market is the main reason they shouldn’t apply a antitrust regulation against the company.

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