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DUBLIN – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – “Professional and Working North America Truck / Bodywork Manufacturing 2021” report has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com offer.

This project is a market valuation of the $ 8.4 billion professional / work truck industry in the United States and Canada.

It covers 18 truck / body segments, with a total of 46 sub / types.

  • Beverage Truck / Body
  • Concrete mixers and pumps
  • Conveyor / Body Delivery Truck
  • Dump Truck / Body
  • Flatbed truck / bodywork
  • Grain truck / Body
  • Grapple truck / Body
  • Truck / Lifting and transport body
  • Truck / Body Lubricant
  • Oilfield Truck / Bodywork
  • Garbage Truck / Body
  • Service, utility and crane truck / body
  • Sweeper truck / Bodywork
  • Tanker / Body
  • Tow truck and transporter / bodywork
  • Vacuum tanker / bodywork – coded
  • Vacuum Tanker / Bodywork – Not Coded
  • Truck / Bodies

The report quantifies the market size of 2020 and the competitive shares in units and dollars. In addition to providing the total market size, the size and market shares are broken down by chassis class – light weight (up to class 3), medium and heavy weight (classes 4-6, class 7) and weight heavy (Class 8) – as well as by each individual body type.

Over 400 auto body manufacturers have been identified, with estimates of total and industry sales, number of employees, locations of manufacturing facilities, ownership and competitive shares.

Included are historical estimates and trends in market size (shipments) and growth rates, recent developments in M&A activity, facility expansions, new product launches and electric propulsion, as well as five-year forecasts by segment. The maps show the geographic distribution of production.

Covid-induced closures and supply chain disruptions on production and shipments by truck / body manufacturers had a significant impact on the industry in 2020, with shipments declining from 2019 for all segments of trucks / bodies. However, the impacts of Covid-19 on demand have varied across different application / market segments. Municipal and last mile e-commerce applications fared better than towing, construction, mining, and oil drilling.

The outlook for 2021 is cautiously optimistic, with an expected easing of supply chain constraints and infrastructure investment expected to boost demand.

The report consists of three parts. Part I: Industry Analysis and Part II: Analysis by Segment are in PowerPoint format, and the appendix is ​​an Excel file containing data that reflects and complements the tables in the report.

Main topics covered:

Part I: Industry Analysis

A. Scope and method

A. Truck / Body Segments and Chassis Classes

B. Executive summary

C. Industry analysis

C.1 Market size estimates: by (i) segment (ii) chassis class (iii) geography (iv) ownership

C.2 Historical estimates of market size: total and by segment

C.3 Number of manufacturers: by (i) segment, (ii) unit shipments and (iii) body types

C. 4 Market share estimates: total, by segment and by group

C. 5 Recent developments: acquisitions, expansion of installations, new products, electric propulsion

C. 6 Outlook – Estimated units: Total & by Segment – 2021 – 2025

C. Key manufacturer data

PART II: Analysis by segment

A. Scope and method

D. Truck / Bodies

D. Garbage truck / Bodywork

D. Service truck / body, utility and crane

D. Concrete mixers and pumps

D. Vacuum Tanker / Body

D. Towing and transport truck / Bodywork

D. Dump Truck / Bodyworks

D. Tanker / bodywork

D. Sweeper / Body

D. Lifting and transporting truck / body

D. Flatbed truck / bodywork

D. Grapple truck / Bodywork

D. Vacuum Tanker / Bodywork – Not Coded

D. Truck / Body Lubricant

D. Truck / Delivery Body to Conveyor

D. Beverage Truck / Body

D. Grain truck / Body

D. Oilfield trucks / bodies

Annex 1: Excel spreadsheets

  • Summary: Market Size Estimates by Segment in Units and Dollars
  • All units-Alpha: All manufacturers: Estimated units – Alphabetical order
  • All Dollars-Alpha: All Manufacturers: Estimated Dollars (Millions of Dollars) – Alphabetical Order
  • All units – Order of classification: All manufacturers: Estimated units – Order of classification
  • All Dollars – Rank Order: All Manufacturers: Estimated Dollars (Thousands of Dollars) – Rank Order
  • All Chassis Category – Units and Dollars: Segments by Chassis Category: Estimated Units and Dollars
  • Fab Key. Data: key manufacturer data
  • History: Historical data by segment: Estimated units: 2015 – 2020
  • Outlook: Outlook by segment: Estimated units: 2021 – 2025
  • Geography: estimated number of manufacturers, units and dollars by state / province

Worksheets for each of the 18 segments below include:

  • Estimated market size in units and dollars: total
  • Estimated Market Size by Subtypes in Units and Dollars
  • Estimated market shares (units and dollars) for all manufacturers
  • City, State / Province, Country for all manufacturers
  • Ownership details for all manufacturers
  • Drink
  • Concrete
  • Delivery by conveyor
  • Unload
  • flat
  • Grain
  • Grapple loaders
  • Hoists
  • Lubricant
  • Oilfield
  • Refuse
  • Service
  • Sweeper
  • Tank
  • Tow
  • Empty, coded
  • Empty, uncoded
  • Van

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