3rd APEC Women Connect ‘Her Power’ Entrepreneurship Competition Announces Global Partnerships, Working Together to Foster Female Entrepreneurship in the Social Commerce Landscape

BEIJING, October 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — All 3rd APEC Women Connect ‘Her Power’ Entrepreneurship Competition, co-hosted by APEC Women Connect, DHGATE Group and MyyShop, announced partnerships with Fortune 500 and leading multinational corporations including Visa, TOMATO Interactive (Bluemedia Group) , Vivo, JOYY Group, hooli, ToFuture Education Group, OPPLE Lighting, Shixiseng, FIIL, Evri, New Oriental, Tongdun, AGH, Rii and Transjee, join forces to empower global women entrepreneurs and create a more equal social commerce market and inclusive by co-hosting the contest and subsequent events. Launched in September 2022, more than 500 participants, including GenZ influencers and students from around the world, entered the competition. It has also sparked the interest of millions of people in the global youth community. All participants will participate in a month-long challenge to boost product sales and improve social awareness on various social media sites. For more details, click the link to learn more!

The 3rd APEC Women Connect ‘Her Power’ Entrepreneurship Competition is a global campaign focused on empowering women and reshaping the international business industry. This year, the partnership between the Her Power Entrepreneurship competition and several companies aims to make accessible to the global community of women knowledge and practical skills to monetize the online social impact of influencers and Gen Z. Exclusive e-learning programs from renowned partners including Visa, Google, TOMATO Interactive (Bluemedia Group), JOYY Group, Tongdun, hooli, New Oriental, Myyshop.vip, Tuotuo Digital and Linkmyy are offered to applicants. The e-learning sessions are customized for the Gen Z community joining this competition to gain experience in real-life e-commerce and social communication. More than 10 hours of E-learning sessions were broadcast at the same time as the competition. Click on the link to find out More details and apply now for your last chance join.

“At DHGATE Group, we have noticed that an increasing number of individuals, especially women, have joined various social media platforms around the world and become content creators, but very few can earn money from to their activities on these networks,” says Diane Wangthe founder of APEC Women Connect, the China Representative of the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), Co-Chair of the B20 Women in Business Action Council, Founder, President and CEO of the DHGATE Group, ‘So we are dedicated to finding solutions to further reduce the barriers to entry for the women. participate in the digital economy. We appreciate the united strengths of our partners to achieve this goal together.

By successfully hosting this event over the past two years and enabling hundreds of women entrepreneurs to enter the e-commerce industry, the Her Power Entrepreneurship competition is committed to giving influencers and content creators the around the world the means to convert their social impact into business this year. All participants will be to be able to experience digital solutions featured on MyyShop during the contest for free, such as Myyshop.vip, an AI-powered platform that helps with efficient product selection, building leaner online store pages, and analyzing influencers to cross-border business, and MyAffiliatean integrated platform of cross-border marketing services, provides digital marketing solutions and advice to all candidates.

Special thanks to business partners, including Visa, the global leader in digital payments, who supported the competition for the third year; FIIL, an experienced developer of excellent personal audio products for music lovers; hooli, a platform for renting and selling student accommodation abroad for cross-border international students; JOYY Group, a leading global social media company that operates a number of social entertainment products; Shixiseng, a career development platform for young people that aims to bridge the gap between education and employment; New Oriental, a comprehensive educational group that offers test preparation courses; ToFuture Education Group, committed to providing a better community among Chinese Australian students abroad; TOMATO Interactive (Bluemedia Group), an integrated marketing agency focused on overseas internet celebrity marketing, focusing on technology, resources, services and creativity; and Vivo, a global smart device company for the mobile Internet, committed to creating consumers with smart products.

A series of events, including the APEC Women Connect Awards Ceremony and Virtual Workshop, will be launched following the 3rd APEC Women Connect “Her Power” Entrepreneurship Competition to support ongoing efforts to empower women. women and entrepreneurship. Rejoin MyyBiz group and stay tuned for the latest conferences on women’s entrepreneurship.

About APEC Women Connect

Founded in 2016, APEC Women Connect is an APEC-endorsed program launched by Ms. Diane Wangthe China APEC Business Advisory Council Representative, Chair of APEC Women Leaders Forum, B20 WiBAC Co-Chair Indonesia, Founder, Chairman and CEO of DHgate.com. APEC Women Connect aims to empower women, especially young women, to achieve entrepreneurship through digital solutions, through inspiring sharing, hands-on learning, effective recognition and rewards. APEC Women Connect has been included in the annual recommendation to APEC business leaders for three consecutive years. It has also been included in the annual recommendation to G20 leaders by the B20 for two consecutive years.

About MyyShop

MyyShop, a cross-border e-commerce Software as a Service (SaaS) platform launched by DHgate in 2020, aims to help MSMEs, especially newbie merchants and social influencers, manage their online stores as direct sellers and turn their impact into positive business. Committed to involving everyone in global trade, MyyShop connects Chinese manufacturing capacity with private domain traffic to lower the barrier of opening and operating a cross-border e-commerce business, with its advantages in intelligent product recommendation, social commerce site building, cross-border trade marketing services and intelligent logistics. For more information, please visit MyyShop.com and follow @MyyShopOfficial.

About DHgate

Founded in 2004, DHgate has become the leading cross-border B2B e-commerce marketplace in China. Through our global operations and offices, including in the UNITED STATES and in the UK, we reach millions of people with trusted products and services. Of the December 31, 2021DHgate has served over 46 million registered buyers from 223 countries and regions, connecting them with over 2.4 million sellers in China and other countries, with more than 37 million live listings on the platform each year. For more information, please visit dhgate.com and follow @DHgate.com.


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