Every time a company that goes bankrupt is a big problem for the country and for the citizens. Not only do thousands of people become unemployed, but the country is also severely impaired, as GDP declines and industrial production falls. Bankruptcy is everyone’s problem and the whole community loses it.

Many investors have discovered that buying a bankrupt company can be a good deal to make a profit in the medium and long term. Entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and investors have lately put a lot of money into companies that are almost closing and making this a very profitable new investment niche, especially with the economic crisis we are experiencing that is creating the perfect scenario.

This is the classic story of many tycoons and entrepreneurs, such as Steve Jobs himself, who bought companies when they were a step away from bankruptcy and turned them into gold mines. Nowadays, there are even loans and special financings for whomever working capital or financial resources not to miss out on any opportunity that arises.