Loan for Riders and Motorists

Loan for Bikers and Loan for Bikers! How much money do you need to start your business or pay for scares with Government adjustments? In some regions of the country, Motorists are real entrepreneurs and work on their own, but many of them are not legalized. In order to solve this, some institutions are offering the Riders and Motorists the possibility of using public credit to comply with the new rules and regulations of Denatran.

Do you own a motorcycle or want to acquire one to make it your source of income? Bankate has incredible news to help the Motorfest. The Government of the State of São Paulo released about R $ 9 million so that the Riders can trim and also adapt to the new regulations of the National Traffic Department (Denatran).

The initiative is ideal for those who can not afford the regulatory changes imposed by resolutions 350 and 356, the resources are allocated to the special loan to finance motorcycle cargo and to complete the regulation of all required documentation.

The law is clear! Now all the safety gear is needed, such as reflective strips on motorcycles and vests, leg protection (better known as a kennel), and antennas to prevent accidents with kite lines. And get ready to pack your time too! All professionals in the industry must attend the training and qualification course.

If you have a tight pocket at the beginning of the year, the credit line has a limit of up to R $ 6 thousand, with payment term in up to 24 months and an interest rate of 0.5% per month. The Loan for Riders and Motorists is destined for individual and corporate entity with the greater objective of promoting the generation of employment and income.

How to get?

How to get?

1 -) Just have a “Category A” Driver’s License;
2 -) Be Motofrentistas and do not have cadastral restriction 
3 -) Do not have the registration in the workbook with the CBO 5191-10 (motorcyclist in the transport of documents and small volumes);
4 -) Demonstrate ability to pay installments.

The agreement, signed by the governor of São Paulo Geraldo Alckmin, intends to expand the lines of credit for 2013. The regulation program of Motorfest has already received more than R $ 1.2 million in investments from the State Government. The value has allowed the formation of 7,500 motorists since 2011, according to Denatran regulations. In 2012, the Secretariat trained 7,500 motorists from a total of 9,000 jobs. The amount invested by the State surpassed the house of R $ 1.2 million.

Do not miss out on that opportunity! Look for the mutirão of the microcredit program managed by the Secretariat of Employment and Labor Relations in the Pinheiros unit, in the capital or in the accredited networks in your city.